can you tell this in your own words?

Place a sheet or two of colored tissue paper over the foam. It is thin enough to be pierced by the fruit arranged on sticks and will both cover the foam and provide the tissue paper look of a floral bouquet. If you have some hanging over the edges, this can be "fluffed up" once the fruit arrangement has been made.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Over the foam place 1-2 sheets of colored tissue paper over the foam, this will cover the foam, thin enough to be penetrated by the sticks of fruit and give a wonderful addition to the floral bouquet. Do not worry if you have extra because you can use this after the arrangement is complete to add flavor and details.

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    stab the apple with a toothpick, cover the Styrofoam with pretty paper and shove the apple on a toothpick into the foam through the paper. make pretty after.

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