Should I tell my best friend that I love her?

I'm a guy and I've been best friends with a girl for close to 7 years. The interesting thing is that we don't live near each other. I had known her since I was 12 when we both lived in Texas, but then I moved to Canada. Despite this, we kept in touch and still talk just about everyday 7 years later. I've always gone down to Texas to visit at least 2 or 3 times a year and it's always great to be around her. I actually decided to come back to Texas for university so now I'm able to see her just about every other weekend. She's told me that she likes me before, and I think she knows that I'm crazy about her, but we've always left it at that. She's getting ready to head off to College this fall, and it kind of scares me to think that she's going to be living far away again. I want to just tell her how I feel right now so I can just get it off my chest. The only problem is that she has a boyfriend right now. I'm not even sure how I'd expect her to react. I don't want to ruin our friendship.

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    it's okay to be honest and share your feelings... just don't put her under any pressure to say that she likes you back. let her know you still value her friendship but if she would ever like to give you a chance romantically you'll be there. either way you have to respect her feelings whether she loves you back or not.

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    I dont think you should risk what seems to be a great friendship but then again if you have really strong feelings about her then it never hurts to try. If you know that she isn't that into her boyfriend now. And also because she told you before that she liked you then you should tell her email her or send her a letter in the mail telling her how you feel when you meet again give her a kiss and see how she reacts to that or just say i like you, if your not sure you want to say it face to face or on the phone. Dont pressure her into feeling the same way. She may be shy or scared to say how she feels because she doesn't know how you'll respond. If you want something bad enough then go for it. Some of the best relationships start out has friends first.

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    Well I think you should at least let her know since she is your "best friend" she deserves to know and then say that you are happy for her and will love her no matter what she chooses. If she doesn like you back it will hurt at first but then thats your key to go out and date other girls if she says yes she likes you too then thats cool keep in touch and feel lucky because that doesnt too often

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    Tell her how you feel there nothing wrose then not telling some the you like that you really care about then. You don't want to look back 10 years from now thining that you sould have told her how you feel.

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    well imagin this:

    if you guys broke up,wud you be friends?

    if deffantly not,then dont go for it.

    but i really think you should her you love her.

    this seems like a fairy tale!!

    but make sure to discuss if you breakup.

    youll always want to be friends!

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    if i were u i wouldn mess up a good friendship friends are hard to come by good ones atleast

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    going out with your bestfriend usually ends up badly and messes up the relationship

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