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Help an amatuer DJ?

Well, my friend tricked me into DJ'ing a secondary school dance. XD I don't DJ often for young kids, it's mostly older people who aren't picky about music.

But I can't seem to figure this out. I have rap, hip-hop, rock, techno, punk, oldies, alternative music, and I'm not sure if for younger people if I should mix it up alot, or play it by types.

Also, I have never DJ'ed a dance where people take over 40 minutes to arrive, so what would you recommend I play while everyone arrives?

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    I think you should figure out what the people having the party like mostly......Its great that you like such diverse stuff because now what ever those people like you are prepared for.

    When people are arriving dont play slow songs. They want to walk in and feel upbeat. But don't play a lot of songs that get everyone up and participating if only three people are there.

    Use your judgement. what would you wanna hear if you were walking into a party?

    Good Luck!

    hope i helped

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    i would keep away from the hip hop and rap unless you have censored versions

    bit of populra techno may go down well as might the rock, but i would keep it modern. mix by all means but do not go over the top

    good luck mate

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