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I am 14 years old what should i get my gf for her birthday?

i want to get her something good.

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    Well last year when I turned 14 my bf(i am still with) get me this beautiful necklace. But if you don't want to do that then do something simple like flowers and a movie (also make her feel like queen of the world on her special day teen girls love that)

    Good Luck

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    first give her flowers

    girls just love flower love them

    but give her something sweet, something she wants like realy bad. get her a necklece. but not a boring necklece,one that means something

    like my bf always would call me his star so he got me this amazing star necklece its so important to me

    most of all be romantic

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    something heart felt, not just a box of chocolates and diamonds, take her on a romantic date, like going to dinner and then a romantic comedy movie,

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    cd, shirt, ask her to go on a date with you (movies), just be with her

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