Is there proof that vaccines cause auto-immune disease?

I have been diagnosed with two, and there is no genetic history in my family of auto-immune disease. My theory is that my immune system has been compromised due to an MMR shot I received in my left leg when I was one year old. The vaccine was administered in 1986 and I have found that MMR shots given during this year were found to be experimental. Perhaps they contained themerosal, mercury or some other additive? I'm 21 and seeking answers to why I have these conditions: scleroderma and self--limited colitis.

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  • Lisa A
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    1 decade ago
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    There is no scientific study anywhere that has found even correlation, let alone causality between vaccines and any mysterious diseases.

    As much as parents of children with autism want someone or something to blame, and will try to convince you otherwise, the fact remains that there is no scientific evidence.

    Source(s): I have an auto immune disease myself - Grave's disease.
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    i actually read an article awile ago - i'll attach it -

    it doesn't seem to support your theory -

    my mom has had scleroderma for 23 years, and believe me, we've tried to find reasons too - there aren't any- they aren't really sure what causes it - some say it's a build up of collegen. it doesn't seem to be genetic...

    also the only thing that i've seen related to the the MMR shots seems to be a question of autism...

    it's scary to be diagnosed with something "rare" my opinion - worry about fighting it, not how you got can't do anything about how you got it ...

    my mom is doing's a scary, complicated disease...good luck to you!

    let me know if i can help or answer any SD questions -

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    Yes there is.

    Go to these websites, there is helpful information:

    I am skeptical about the use of vaccines because we have an immune system to ward off disease; most of the government "mandated" vaccines are unneccessary and although carry benefts also carry risk. It's interesting that you say the 1986 vaccine you received was experimental...anything is possible.

    Good luck to you.

    Sir-carlito reports President Bush (paraphrased) being asked "Will you be getting a flu shot this year to protect the country given all the traveling that you do?"

    Bush: "Unfortunately no. I am very healthy so to do my part, I will save the flu shot for someone who really needs it. I do not want to take away a valuable resource when it might be better served for another person."

    Think he knows there is mercury in the shots?

    Source(s): See above.
  • Anonymous
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    Don't think that you are the only one to have been vaccinated during 1986. I would dig deeper, Either you have contracted these conditions from some one or some one is lying about your family medical history.

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