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WHAT DiD i DO ALL THIS FOR !?!?!??!?!??!??!?!??!?!?!?!??

im 18 & sr in hs & have 2 months left, but now i have nothing but regrets. I had a very good childhood, all the way up thru 8th grade when things looked promising w/ being very popular & smart & all (now that i look back). However, once in hs i got upset at people (mainly girls) for going for upperclassman & trying to be someone else, to the point where i ended up separating myself from many, including friends of a girl i liked but didnt like me, which lasted 2 yrs. also, i always loved basketball & baseball, but i got so fed up w/ politics that after getting cut soph yr, i gave up when i could have been baseball manager & now be on vars (but didnt). i feel i ran from those problems, trying to find meaning in other things in life & just isolated myself. now, i dont even know why i let basketball affect me (i wasnt that good) but had a good jr yr, & looked good again into sr yr, but after 3 jv soccer yrs, i had to miss tryouts, didnt make vars, & thus only (more below)


regressed this yr as i lost a lot of self-conf in not making the team, & thus didnt have motiv to talk in classes & just blushed all the time. also, it ruined my chances w/ a new girl i wnted to meet w/ this yr (that completely bombed). ive just had so many little unlucky things i made a big deal about, like keeping my hairline & how i looked instead of being true to myself & others, & now i realize im not the same social, funny kid i should be & was. it sounds a lot worse thn it is, as i only have room for the bad stuff, but it basically took me this long to realize things, like i was a step behind, & now my legacy is just red & scared, when it could have been much better. i would have been much better off leaving after last yr. i have 2 months left, is that enough to leave an impression, or is it over. i feel like everything i tried for failed, im not anywhere what i want/could be & feel like i let myself & family down. what was the point of all if thats what every1 now thinks?

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    I'm a pretty blunt person, and you seem to thinking in circles and all of those circles devolve around yourself. That's normal for a teen, but you are 18 and you need to start looking outside yourself. Lots of changes take place including the cuts that the outside world is going to make on your high school dreams. If you aren't good enough for the team, that's fine, you won't waste any more time on it only to find that out when you leave. You haven't wasted your time, you learned about what you like and what you don't like. It seems like right now the only important thing is High School and that's just not true, there is college and marriage and children and a good job, and a whole life after HS that means much more than where you are now, and if you leave your mark in HS. Leave a mark in the world, that's a stage to aim for, HS is just what you know now, its not whats coming up for you in the future.

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    Well sweetie, we can't take back or change the past. You can only have an effect today , and just maybe, if tomorrow ever comes, you can make a more positive outcome then. But for now, you do have today to work with and if you want to make a difference, do it today. Have no regrets for what has happened in the past because it helped make you whatever you are today. And as bad as you might feel you let everyone down, you were and still are young enough to have it all overlooked. We all have regrets and we all make mistakes and poor choices at times. Don't be so hard on yourself. It is okay to mess up. You learned what you need to know from it and you don't like what you see now. The ball is in your court now. Take it and run with it to make the difference that will make you happy. Only you can. I know you can do it!

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    You cannot change the past, whats in the past is the past. Sure you made mistakes, we all do. That's called being a human being. The only things we have any power over are how we act and do now, so learn from your mistakes and make decisions based on how you want to be thought of now. Its a slow process, but soon people will see you as the good person you are and want to be near you.

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    Hey ,I'm 52 and high school was the best part of my life .

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    Welcome to adulthood, I thought you asked this question already?

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