Growth rate of trees??

While walking through a forest you notice some one has carved their initials into the bark of a tree. The initials are exactly 1.5 meters from the ground. How far will the initials be next year and the year after that? Why?

Is it just me or does this ? seem incomplete. I'd really appreciate your help with it. I'm stumped...

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    They will be in the same place. Trees grow by adding cells to the tops and tips of already existing branches. The tree may grow wider, but that part will stay the same height forever.

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    The initials will stay 1.5 meters from the ground, every year. That's the way trees grow. A tree doesn't stretch up like a rubber band. Rather, new growth is formed at the top of it.

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    It depends on the weather. Rain, sun, drought, nutrients in the soil, etc., affect growth rate. Moreover,who's to say that the tree won't burn down in a forest fire or be chopped down?

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