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I've watched The Departed several times in theaters and like 5 times since I've bought it on DVD, and as far as I know I've got a pretty good understanding of everything in the movie except one thing. I can't figure out the significance of Sgt. Sullivan's (Matt Damon) ... I don't want to say obsession...with the church (the one with the golden top). He would stare at it often, and even rented a place overlooking it. I just don't know what his interest in it was. Did any body figure that out???

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    It's the Boston State House, the seat of the state government. Sullivan clearly has great ambitions to get there one day - that's the only reason he is a cop. (And it's the reason he kills Costello, who would ruin all of that if he told the FBI about his rat Sullivan.) He's also taking classes at law school at night, and is a social climber who worries about his appearance and is eager to learn about things like croissants. The great golden dome of the State House represents everything that Sullivan aspires to - which is why he chose the fancy apartment with a view of it.

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    i don't think random viewers will know it's the State House. Only Bostionians would know that.

    With that said, maybe Scorcese intends for his audience to think it's a church. I did, for sure...and so did many of my friends. I beleive it represents the other path his life could have gone...if he didn't decide to become a "bad guy". We saw a scene of him as an altar boy when he was younger, around the same time Frank coaxed him to work for him. I believe it reminds him of the simpler days when he was wide-eyed and innocent.

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    That's not a church it's the dome top of the state house in Boston.Did you notice the rat in the window in that final scene? That shot said it all.

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    It's not a church, it's the State House in Boston. I only saw the movie once so I don't remember the details too well, but I think it represents his ambitions...

    Source(s): Used to live in Boston...
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    thats the massachusettes state house not a church and that is one of the many views that tourist come to see and it just rly is a beautiful building

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    I haven't been able to figure it out either. It's driving me nuts.If I find something, I'll post it here and let you know.

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    He's praying that the audience will buy in to the story of the movie.

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