how can I add more RAM for windows vista to install?

I tried to install my windows vista, but my computer has 256 RAM and Vista needs 512 RAM to install. How can I add RAM in order to install Windows Vista without having to take the computer apart.

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    buy a new memory Ram Card, make sure u have space in ur tower "slots" u can buy 512mb or buy 2, to make a 1gb RAM ...!and the module for ur pc! i dont recomend u to install Vista, XP is a way better. Vista is just another Junk from Microsotf and is not even done, cuz updates 'll come out later on

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    Unfortunately you can't add ram without at least opening the computer.

    I am assuming this is a desktop computer. Most have a lever or something that allows you to take the cover off (some have screws). Make sure to turn the computer off and unplug the power cord - touch something metal before touching anything inside the case to make sure you aren't going to destroy it with static electricity.

    Inside the case you will see the motherboard - and the memory sticks. They are usually about 3-4 inches long, and hopefully you should see some empty slots (depending on how your ram is configured and how many slots there are on the board will decide how to proceed).

    Here are a few possibilities.

    1) You have four slots in the machine, and all four are filled with 64 megabyte sticks of ram, which means in order to upgrade it, you will have to remove some of them (actually however you do it, pull out at least one stick and take it with you when you go to purchase more so they will know what kind you need). Replacing all four with 128 meg sticks would get you to 512 meg.

    2) You have two slots in the machine and both are full (same thing as before).

    3) You have one slot with a 256 meg stick, and an empty one (hopefully this is what you have) just get another 256 meg stick and you will be in business. Make sure to take the old one with you to the computer store (be very careful with it - put it in an anti-static bag if you have one).

    Now, heres my actual advice.

    If you only have 256 meg of memory, you probably don't have that fast of a processor, and the rest of your machine is probably fairly old (even a year or two is old by computer industry standards). You should probably avoid loading windows Vista (if you went out and bought it, you should try to get your money back.

    You will see absolutely zero benefit by loading Vista, and unless there is something you can't do already - you are just wasting time and money.

    Good luck!!

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    Adding RAM is a physical change to you rcomputer, not a software change. You need to buy a new stick of memory from a computer store, then open up your computer case and install the new stick.

    Places like Best Buy and CompUSA will sell you the memory and for a fee install it for you as well.

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    would not harm in any respect! would make it run a lot smoother and faster. in simple terms make positive you locate ram thats nicely acceptable with your modern-day stick, and verify to make positive your motherboard helps further ram improvements.

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    u cant ... first u must determine ur ram type ... use somthing like the free version of everest to determine that .... then u have to buy a ram module and plug it physically in ..

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    go to look under- how to - adding ram

    hay, it's got pictures, and step by step ...good luck

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    why you want to use that Os, microsoft will change that on 2009 for Vienna and then you will change your features again, please still on XP.

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