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Why do black girls say that we as black men date white women are easy?

thats not true its harder for a black guy to get a white women than it is for a black guy to get a white women. i just hate when sistas say that each white girl is different just like each black girl is different me personly choose a white girl cuz we have a bond like no other she is my blue eyed quenn and i am going to ge with her till death do us part i dont give damn what a person has to say .

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    Hmmmm not that I understood your ramblings but what the hell anywho just love who you love...don't let anyone dictate that for you. You should be able to love anyone you chose: black, white, brown, red whatever... The heart wants what it wants.

  • Ranz
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    I think you just answered your own question. I am racially mixed and since some people can tell that I'm 'partially' black some black females get upset when I date women from other races (even if they are races similar to my own mixed heritage). I don't get it either. They're just hating thats all man.

    Of course when I start speaking a different language then all of the sudden they realize that I'm mixed and they kind of mumble under their own breath and walk away. But then again, that's what a lot (not all) of black women do. Talk mess because they're jealous inside and feel undesirable because they understand that you might have different tastes or views or love someone on a different level that they don't understand. Most of the time, I see them hate when they find out I don't listen to rap music or I sing a song (to myself) thats in a different language or when I'm in a club in a different music section than they are.

    Of course, half of them say 'you need to give them a chance' when you might not be attracted to them in the first place cause they're ghetto or ugly or just not your type but they'll just say that you don't like 'black women' in general. I've dated a lot of black women growing up in high school and in college but as I got older I realized that my mixed heritage calls for something that they don't satisfy. I like to speak my different languages and spend time travelling when I can (outside the US). But seriously how many black women you know that listen to different kinds of music and speaks different languages that aren't whitewashed? I'm not a fan of many white ladies either.

    It just boils down to that Black women are very sensitive and jealous women (not any more than any other women) but they feel like it's going to 'set you straight' by imposing their opinion on you.

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    It's not only black girls that say that. It's a widespread theory. Asians say it when an Asian guy is with a white girl. Latinas say it when a Latino is with a white girl. Even white people say it when white girls are with black men. Stop blaming us for it.

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