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Why does Christian preachin have to be done in non-religous conversation?

I juist had a visit from a nice lady who lost a baby many uears ago (I also lost recently, thats why we met). It was very nice to meet her and hear about her son but when asked if I was saved, I told her I had been, I used to be Christian, currently am very spiritual, non-religous. She felt this undying need to preach to me and I tried very hard to not get into this with her. Why couldnt she say "Ill pray for you" and leave it at that?


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    if she was older then you she may have felt you needed her motherly influence. she also may have needed to hear it herself - for her own recovery. one thing about Christians.... we know that we must live the life, talk the talk AND walk the walk. i believe that is why many instill their words in Christ like conversation. some are more extreem then others. to her, being saved is the only wat she will see her son again.

    i'm so sorry for your tragic loss.

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    I don't know why people do this. Spirituality is very personal. One of my bosses always sends out religious, preachy emails. And I went to this chiropractor once, who adjusted my back, then asked me if I'd been saved. weird.

    "i'll pray for you" is a lovely response. wish more people would just say that

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    Personally, i don't know. i'm a christian and i find it makes conversation much easier if i add a simple "i'll be praying for you" or "God bless you" then if they want to know more then i give them some info. i just try to keep it simple, but as for others i really don't know.

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