in the cartoon conrad the sailor did they make another one with him?

i think that conrad the sailor is the funnest cartoon that i ever saw i love his voice OVER THE SEA LETS GO MEN

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    Warner Bros. actually made a total of 3 theatrical cartoons with Conrad Cat. "Conrad the Sailor" is the second one they made. His first and third appearances were in:

    "The Bird Came C.O.D." -- January 17, 1942 -- The none-too-intelligent Conrad Cat attempts to deliver a potted plant to a movie studio set, but it seems the plant has ideas of its own on the subject, and poor Conrad winds up with two black eyes before he's finished.

    "Porky's Cafe" -- February 21, 1942 -- Porky Pig and Conrad are working together in a restaurant. While Porky attempts to serve a little man with a mustache and a funny voice (who might be considered an early version of Yosemite Sam), Conrad gets all mixed up with an ant who somehow gets into the pancake batter.

    All three Conrad cartoons were directed by Chuck Jones.

    Conrad's singing voice in "Conrad the Sailor" was performed by Pinto Colvig (better known as the voice of Disney's Goofy).

    The release date for "Conrad the Sailor" was Februrary 14, 1942 (Valentine's Day!).

    "We're shovin' right off for ho-ome, shovin' right off for ho-ome, shovin' right off for home again!"

    Source(s): The book "The Warner Brother Cartoons" by Will Friedwald and Jerry Beck. Also my memory of seeing these three cartoons. :)
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