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what do you think about the philosopher nietzsche?

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    Me? Not much...he preferred to embrace an atmosphere of falsehood, passion, and subjective perspectives than truth

    He was revered by Adolf Hitler for his dislike of democracy and his heroic ideal of the Übermensch (Superman)........

    enough said?

    His early writings were dominated by romanticism, but after a lengthy illness, he came to denouncing nearly everything, at one point declaring "God is dead"....truthfully? I think he was pi**ed that he didn't have the life he wanted and turned a fine mind into a cesspool.

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    --Brief summation of him:

    *** g95 8/8 pp. 5-6 Effects of the Evolution Theory ***

    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) and Karl Marx (1818-1883) were philosophers who had a profound effect on politics. Both were fascinated by evolution. “Darwin’s book is important,” said Marx, “and serves me as a natural scientific basis for the class struggle in history.” Historian Will Durant called Nietzsche a “child of Darwin.” The book Philosophy—An Outline-History summarized one of Nietzsche’s beliefs: “The strong, brave, domineering, proud, fit best the society that is to be.”

    *** g90 10/22 p. 26 Part 6—Blackshirts and Swastikas ***

    Fascism, German Style

    “Despite the coincidence of their paths to power,” says the book Fascism, by A. Cassels, “Italian Fascism and German Nazism were markedly different in temperament and in their vision of the future.”

    Besides the aforementioned German philosophers who served as forerunners of Fascist thought, others, like 19th-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, helped create a brand of Fascism uniquely German. Not that Nietzsche was a Fascist, but he did call for a ruling elite, a race of supermen. In doing so, however, he had no one race or nation in mind, least of all the Germans, for whom he had no particular liking. But some of his ideas were close to what National Socialist ideologists considered ideally German. So these ideas were appropriated, while others, not agreeing with Nazi doctrine, were discarded."

    --HITLER SAID paraphrased "the conscience is like a chimera"(several headed monster)


    *** g02 3/8 p. 26 Feelings of Guilt—Are They Always Bad? ***

    ....... “Guilt is the most terrible sickness that has ever raged in man"

    --Anyone in any major way who is similar to the "monster" Hitler would be , along with Adolf, a disgrace to humanity. If "N" was indeed similar---I would not even like to think on that individual at all. It is sickening to think of all the horrendous things Hitler did, some people want to attribute progress to his being by saying ' he had the Volkswagon built--. Unbelievable!

    Source(s): AWAKE Magazine
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    I think he has an intersting perspective. There can be some truth found in madness. I think there is something to be said for making your own rules and sticking to them. I didnt agree with a lot of what he wrote but i still enjoyed reading it, and i felt like i learned something from it.

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    nietzche is the short-minded philosophers best friend. he could sum up an entire system of philosophy in one sentence, but he never left us with anything systematic. you have to read his entire catalogue to bgin to understand him, which is no short task. he was equal parts philosopher and poet, genius and insane, right and wrong. when he was right, he brought the world to its knees. when he was wrong, he mocked the world for not being capable of understanding him. i love every word he left behind, each one for a different reason.

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    Nietzsche was a miserable and depressed man.

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    He was a silly man who never saw past his own mind.

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    Great for his time.

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    He was a bit of an egomaniac.


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    There was an old bumper sticker that said it perfectly..

    God is Dead ~ Nietzsche

    Nietzsche is Dead ~God

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    i really liked his moustache

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