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Anyone had a home birth with a midwife?

My husband and I are planning on having our third child, a little boy, at home with the assistance of a midwife. Just wanted to hear some personal (!!!!) experiences about birthing at home with a midwife. Also, does anyone have things they wished they would have asked their midwife looking back? Thanks!

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    No first-hand experience, but we're planning the same thing.

    So far, the most useful thing was pretty much grilling the midwife about what would likely happen in various emergency situations; we both felt a lot better knowing everything.

    Good luck!

    Edited to add: drunk midwife -- !! Yikes. Still, the horror stories you'll hear about rare situations -- usually 'happened to a friend,' etc -- should not put you off the idea. The risk of iatrogenic complications with a hospital birth is too high for me.

    And, about the drunk midwife situation: now I'm quite glad that I get two; there'll be one coming 'for me,' and another, who's there entirely for the baby. I had not thought of just how useful that might be until now...

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    I have 2 boys, and am due with my 3rd child in August.I had both boys at home with a midwife and plan the same with the 3rd. I have never experienced the hospital birth thing, so it is hard for me to compare. But I love having my babies at home, it is so comfortable to be surrounded by your own things. You have the freedom of your own home, and you have your new baby with you at all times. Midwives usually have an emergency birth plan if something goes wrong, but it is good to go over what that it is, and what she constitutes an emergency. Good luck, have a wonderful home birth.

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    My sister in law did! It was her first child & my brother's 3rd. She had it at home, on her hands & knees, on the floor of her bedroom, on a dropcloth, with a midwife in attendance. She said her vagina started to burn horribly while it was stretching when her baby's head presented. All she did was deep rhythmic breathing. I was due in few months after she gave birth...after hearing about her experience, I made SURE that I I was going to be in a hospital getting an epidural. Now that's the way to have a baby!!!! Basically the midwife just stood there & cheered her on while she squeezed the baby out of her 'burnin' bush". Ouch!

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    Hiya, I had my first baby at hospital and due to staff shortages, I was pretty much left to it for near enough 9 hours. I said that if I had another baby I would have a home birth. When I got pregnant and was due Jul '98, I planned a home birth and it wasn't very popular AT ALL in the area we live in. My (female) Doctor called me 'irresponsible' and I faced idiotic questions from Consultants too. I stuck to my guns and booked the home birth.

    My due date came and went, and I was booked for an induction. On that day, I had a lovely bath, and unknown to me, my waters went in the bath and the contractions started coming unbelieveably fast and close together.

    I managed to get into the living room (with hubby's help) and called the midwives.

    They came with my 'longed for' gas and air (oooh , fantastic!) and I settled down on the couch and my labour progressed fantastically, in between contractions we had a good laugh and it was SO relaxed and I had the benefit of THREE midwives all to myself!

    My baby son was born after a three hour labour, no tearing or stitches, and weighing the heaviest of all my babies 7lb 12oz.

    My eldest son, two at the time was brought home from Gran's and met his new brother while we all sat around drinking tea and having a lovely time cuddling the baby!

    It was GREAT! Honestly.

    My third baby was to be born at home too, but a different midwife to before got 'twitchy' about how long the labour was going on for, (she had a rep for sending mums in at the drop of a hat anyway). An ambulance was called (needlessly) and my daughter was born 7 minutes after reaching hospital. I was GUTTED.

    I had to have my last baby in hospital as they suspected problems after she was born (again needlessly, she was fine).

    I'll be having my next one at home (gotta break the news to hubby though as he doesn't know we may be having another one!!!!! haha)

    Good luck, you'll be absolutely fine!

    S. XX

    Jeez, as I submitted this I read 'Royal pain shane's' comment. I'm bloody stunned, I'm so sorry you all went through that.

    I really wish you all well.......

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  • I never had a baby delivery at home, but i know lots of people who did. From their experience and from what i know it is good. My friend husband was allowed to view the entire proceegings, which made their relationship and marriage better.

    As a matter of fact they prepared the room for the delivery and set up the perfect environment.The day of delivery was ffilled with expectation.The midwife was send for,and came. The baby came soon afterwards Everyone was elated. t

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    My wife and I hired a midwife to deliver our second child. I have never made a bigger mistake in my life.

    The midwife came highly recommended by the local hospital, and our insurance company, as well as several people locally.

    The time came, and of course, Murphy's Law went into total effect.

    The midwife was late.

    The midwife forgot her bag.

    The midwife panicked in a moment of emergency.

    The midwife chose to show up at our house 2.5 hours after we called her. Her excuse, very lame, was that she couldn't find the house, even though she had been there several times, and it was broad daylight when she claimed she left. After speaking to her neighbor (a friend of mine) I found out she ACTUALLY left 2 hours after she said she did, she was planting her garden and thought that much more important than the delivery of our healthy child.

    She chose not to bring along her bag. In this bag were several items she could have used in the upcoming telling of the emergent situation which came about upon the birth of our child.

    Our child was not breathing at birth. In effect, he was clinically dead. Instead of taking control and saving our child's life, the midwife instead backed into a corner, sat on the floor, and cried. I dialed 911, performed lifesaving measures, and managed to get our child breathing.

    The midwife was later found to have a blood alcohol level of .12, well above the legal driving limit, and about .12 above what she should have had in her system to be performing medical functions. As a result of her poor judgement and drunken demeanor, our child is now slightly brain-damaged. He will never be able to live on his own, nor will he enjoy many things someone "normal" will enjoy simply because he cannot grasp these concepts.

    The midwife was arrested, charged, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. We sued her for malpractice and got a nice hefty judgement. Our kids are well taken care of.

    Not a day goes by that I do not regret taking my wife to a hospital for a time-tested traditional birth, surrounded by medical professionals whom could have prevented our son's current condition, and an atmosphere that while sometimes alien, is strangely secure and comforting.

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    If you are 150% healthy and think its a good idea then go for it. Remember if ANYTHING goes wrong and for stupid reasons they do. How far away is a Dr.? My friend was having her second child and she accidentally starting having it at a Lamaz class where the teacher was a midwife also. (LUCKY) then the baby was having problems and they had to rush her to the emergency room and it was almost to late. Its better to be safe than sorry.

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    No, but we just had close friends with no prior warning of difficulty have a terrible emergency situation. We wondered why anyone would ever take that chance with a home birth.

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    Yes it was so beautiful and perfect. I've never had a preg. outside my home. Hopefully you have a Jacuzzi, candles and Some enya. ;) make it as relaxing as it possibly can in the situation. good's a big choice.

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    in the experience that your infant replaced into born with existence threatening issues, how could you experience if something occurred between your place and the scientific institution. no longer attempting to be pessimistic, basically could hate to have regrets!

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