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Recovery from meniscus removal and patella cartilage repair.?

Anyone undergone arthroscopic meniscus tear removal, along with removal of a baker's cyst and repair to the patellar cartilage? What was the recovery time and were you pain free after the initial recovery time?

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    I haven't experience such proceedures, but i think the cartilage itself does not cause any pain, i may be wrong but i've felt most types of body parts pain but not specifically from cartilage.

    The surgery yes, the cartilage it self not to my knowledge.

    Cartilage can break into many small pieces if it binds or compresses improperly or gets broken a larger pice can break into smaller pieces to be eventually reabsorbed by the joint, but before it does some of those small pieces can be a pain because of the pressures placed on them they can move a bit and be annoying wedging themselves where they can.

    If you feel a piece when you move a certain way try to avoid that for a while till the rest is mended around it and its not so sensitive or the nerves around not so inflamed and hyperactive, this way the repair can mend and later when it does that movement will probably crush any lingering shards into smaller pieces that bother you less then not at all.

    I'm not a doctor, you should see one about medical questions but i'm glad you are taking an active interest in learning on your own from the experience of others.

    Use it carefully while it mends and slowly but surely wear yourself a good smoothe groove for that patella to sit nice and comfy, take your time and make a good seat for it don't strain it excessively.

    check this maybe it will help...



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