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how do i get my puppy used to a lease?

i have a harness for my maltese puppy b/c she is so fragile im not comfortable with the normal collar. how do i go about getting her used to it? and used to me leading her on it not just her roaming around freely?

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    Put the leash on her in your house, while you can watch to make sure she doesn't snag on things. Just allow her to drag it around for a while..Call her for a tiny treat, and tug gently on the leash as she comes to you..This teaches her that the leash is good, and that coming when called is good! I like to use quality kitten kibble for this kind of training, as they really like it for a treat..make certain it a a 'quality' brand, that you get from a pet supply shop, not a grocery store..And don't give enough to replace her meals.

    Soon, you can drop the treat, and give praise and petting..

    Puppies normally learn tasks after 14 repetitions..

    Then you are ready to take her outside.. the whole process shouldn't take but a day..

    You are wise to use the soft harness until she isn't any longer pulling from you, as her tiny trachea is very fragile..Many little dogs do suffer from colapsed trachea from pulling on collars.

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    Maltese are precious little animals... I have had 3 of them in my life. Just put on the collar and put on the harness together and take her for a walk.. you will need a leash for both of them as you will be holding both..

    At first you will be using mostly the harness *feel* as you are walking.

    NOW... talk to her... walk a little faster making it fun and introduce her to the collar.. having both in play.. eventually ease up more on the harness and use the collar.. as needed.. This should only take 1 or 2 walks.. as your Maltese will find out that *good things happen with a collar on*...

    Hope This Helps A Little


    (Oh Memories of those little *Angel Kisses*)

  • There are a lot of great leashes designed for different dogs's needs out there. One of my favorite to train a dog with a leash is called a "Halti" and it teaches them to quickly use a leash. You can find them many places, as they have become very popular, because they work so efficiently. The dog will learn SO quickly not to wander freely, and that they are on a leash, not just roaming. Treats would also probably help. If she lets you put the leash on without fighting, give her a treat and some love...Then as you're walking, whenever she does something right, make a HUGE deal out of it. "GOOD GIRL!" and treats and petting and scratching the belly always work.

    Hope that helps!

    Good Luck!

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    You need to get her use to day by day. Talk calmly to her as you put it on her. When you put the leash on just take it step by step. Have treats in your hand when you have the leash on her and if she doesnt want to walk; go ahead of her and call her and when she comes give her the treat. Keep doing that until she gets use to the harness and leash. Give her a treat after you put the harness on her. Now mind you that the treats are broken off pieces of a big treat. Hope this helps

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    I have a Maltese and he wears a regular collar.Maltese are not as fragile as you think.If you want it to get use to the harness just put it on her and walk her.She will learn after a few times what it is for.

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    My puppy HATED the leash and i used a harness on her as well. Your puppy will eventually get used to being on the leash. Just keep walking her and it will happen. btw my puppy was extremely stubborn and it took me 2 weeks to get her walking normally on a leash.

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    There are also harnesses made for lead training. It has a strap that goes along the leg to keep them from pulling you or wandering.

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    I just got a puppy and she hated her leash too. So we started just keeping the leash on her inside, and now it does not bother her as much. She bites at it sometimes if it gets in her way, but she will sleep on it. So I think just having it on your puppy a lot will work just fine. :]

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    That is a wonderful website on leash training

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    why not buy her instead of leasing her?? walk with super yummy treats,, offer her treats when she walks on the LEASH with you

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