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I'm considering a trip to Germany. Would you suggest Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, or Munich?

My decision will depend on your voting :) vote only for one.

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    I'm a HUGE Munich fan. The people are so nice, it's quite clean, the beer is great, and it's so easy to get anywhere from there.

    From Munich, you can take a train to a ton of different places, like Eagle's Nest, Salzburg, Neuschwanstein, Garmisch, etc.

    In the city, the churches are so beautiful and the museums are wonderful. I use the Fodor's Gold Guide and take their walking tours - it's really one of the best ways to see the city. Everything is just gorgeous.

    Frankfurt is really just a industrious city. Not my cup of tea.

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    It depends: When are you traveling? What do you want to see and do? And how long will you stay?

    Berlin is a must! It is not only the capitol - you will find everything:

    History, Architecture and Art, Shopping, Nightlife, Recreation...

    Munich has probably the nicest weather but doesnt' reflect Germany - only Bavaria. Oktoberfest, Lederhosn, ... That is what unfortunately most Americans associate with Germany.

    Hamburg is beautiful, not far from both German coasts (Northern Sea and Baltic Sea), big international Harbour, exceptional nightlife (Reeperbahn), beautiful lake Alster in the heart of the city offers a multitude of recreatinal opportunities, great shopping downtown. A lot of rain unfortunately.

    Skip Frankfurt, Nuremberg I don't know. Only the Christkindl Market if you go around christmas.

    Have fun,

    krokkel (originally from Hamburg)

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    Well, Frankfurt sucks ... only skyscrapers, nothing else interesting.

    I'd visit either Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich, Cologne or STUTTGART.

    My favourite is Stuttgart, I live in the region near the town, it's a very nice city, for example the city center is the perfect connection of old and modern architecture.

    There are the "Stuttgarter Fernsehturm"(TV-Tower of Stuttgart), the first TV-Tower in the world, the "New Castle"(Neues Schloss), the Old Castle (Altes Schloss), the "Stiftskirche, the "Hauptbahnhof"(Main Station with the characteristic tower with the Mercedes Star on its top!), the "Neue Messe Stuttgart" (New Trade Fair of Stuttgart), that's being built right now and soon'll be opened and many many other things.

    Stuttgart was some kind of misfit among the German cities for a long time, but in the recent time, this has changed. It's a very agreeable city, good shopping, excellent Train System(you can arrive in every city in the region).

    So maybe I have persuaded you, if you want to get to know the "Hauptstadt Schwabens", the 'capital of Swabia', you wouldn't be disappointed.

    Source(s): German and living there; loving Stuttgart
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    Frankfurt is a vibrant and global economic and deal fair city with the most imposing skyline in Germany and is among the places that you need to see, a minumum of one time and that place hotelbye will help you. Frankfurt is really a town in the center of Germany and Europe and is just a city that can offer many facets and diverse variety. In the center of Frankfurt's Old Town you may find a place properly valuable, the Römerberg.The Römerberg is an irregularly formed square with the Justice Fountain at their center. Not only could it be Frankfurt's many picturesque public square, it's the city's busiest pedestrian zone, home to varied tourist attractions from its many Kulturschirn (a type of open-fronted shop after frequent throughout the previous town) to the Römer, a complicated of 11 beautiful previous houses from the 15th to 18th ages that include the Old Town Hall with its Imperial Hall, once the world of wonderful banquets. Other notable houses include the New Town Hall, the 14th-century Gothic Church of St. Leonhard, and St. Nicholas Church, significant for the carillon.

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    Well, I would prefer Hamburg. It's a beautyful city with a great nighlife =), nice people and lots of interesting sights. Frankfurt ist not that interesting, Berlin very big and hasty, Nürnberg is only in the wintertime a good choose and the population in Munich is a little bit unfriendly (sometimes - I don't want to hurt anybody *lol).

    Hope I could help and sorry for my bad english - still learning it in school...

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    Berlin, Berlin Berlin then Hamburg, & Munich - forget Frankfurt!

    Boring, ugly, not tourist friendly and the airport!! well that's another story. Berlin is exciting, fab shopping, stylish building new and old and renovated in keeping with original architecture.

    I just love it , a senior travelling oz from down-under!

  • OHhhh MUNICH! You should definitely go to Munich! I'm not so big on Hamburg/Frankfurt/Nuremburg. Is this your first time going to Germany? If so, Munich should make a VERY good first impression on you!! You'll absolutely love it, its the ideal city for tourists because it has a very welcoming atmosphere. I'd say that a lot of popular German culture is centered in the very city of Munich! It's modern, yet has a touch of antiquity. You'll just have to see for yourself! :-D

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    Berlin is a vivant, passionately and addictive city, a city that's only perfect for invest the vacation. Discover more with hotelbye . In Berlin you will just appreciate their legendary views, its vast swathes of green, its atmosphere bars and stylish restaurants. Berlin is a significant centre of politics, lifestyle, press, and science. Noted because of its cultural style, Berlin is house to the planet popular Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, while their varied art world encompasses countless galleries, events, and museums, including those centred on Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But, nothing says Berlin like the Brandenburg Gate, extended the city's most defining monument and their reply to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Brandenburg Gate was developed for King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1791 and today en times continue to be an important image with several famous guests like: Statement Clinton and Barack Obama.

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    Imke´s answer was really great..

    it really depends on what you want to do and when you want to go...

    in my opinion don´t visit frankfurt or nurnberg when you could choose between the others..

    they are all very different...

    i love munich....


    because for me it is a bigger town with the charme of a small one.. especially during spring, summer and early autumn..

    in winter the alps around are great if you like skiing or go sletching...

    there is a lot do do and see..

    berlin is the capital yes... but for me it was to noisy and hectically.. maybe because we were there with class.. and had not too much time to enjoy it... my brother love this place

    hamburg is nice too.. you have the famous and busy area around reeperbahn

    some nice musicals..

    if you like ships, harbours and boats you are right here..

    a nice city and river..

    i think you wouldn´t regret to choose one out of this three...

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