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Swollen Eyes?

How can I get rid of swollen/puffy eyes in the morning...preferably before I go to school. I get plenty of sleep atleast 8 hours every night and I always wash off all of my makeup and eye makeup. The puffyness is mostly around my eyelids, not under the eye, and this has been happening recently, not all the time before. Its hard to put on my makeup in the morning when my eyes aren't their natural almond shape. Anything I can buy or do differently before I go to bed or wake up in the morning?

P.S. I'm a teenager

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    try a cool washcloth on your eyes for 5 minutes when you wake up. also if you take an am shower, wash your face and hair in cooler water. if non of those work, try a cucumber based cooling cream on your eyes. Cooling eyeshadow may help too.

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    If your Mom will allow you to buy something expensive .

    Go to the Lancomb Makeup Counter tell them your problem and ask what they recommend.Ice water in a bowl every morning before you do anything else.Hold ice water on your reduce puffiness.Cucumbers on the eyes at night.This all is a routine you must do all the time to really get results.Maybe go to

    have your eyes checked by a Doctor too.

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    If that just started recently then its probably time for you to replace your mascara and eyeliner. Also, buy some eye makeup remover(Almay is good). The oil based ones work better at removing mascara...especially good for waterproof mascara. When it comes to removing eye makeup, regular cleansers just don't do the job in my opinion. You need to take care of your eyes and you need to replace your mascara every 2 months. You don't want to get an infection.

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    I used to use a cold spoon. There are also gel filled eye masks that you can get at drug stores that you can chill and apply in the mornings. Also, since this just started happening make sure you are not reacting to your eye make-up, remover or cleanser/soap.

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    I am 23 and I have been using one of those gel-filled eye cover thingies. I like to keep mine in the refrigerator and apply it when I lay down to go to sleep. You can even get them at Wal-Mart now for only a few bucks. Look by the bath section. They kind of look like a eye mask and have colored gel in them. Hope this helps.

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    Freeze a spoon the night before, then put it on your eyes in the morning be careful at first its cold!

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    use a ice cold wash cloth and place over the eyes for a few minutes that works for me

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    hey .. Im a mary kay consultant and we have this product called indulge soothing eye gel., you keep in the fridge and apply a small amt in the am...its really good and it works..

    if you want to give it a try here is my website

    thanks ciao

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    preperatioin H

    i know.. it sounds weird..

    but it really works.!!!

    i got the info about how it un-swells ur eyes at another yahoo answers question..

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    Do you have any kind of allergies, allergies do this to you, right before allergies season stars, ...

    Good Luck...

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