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What is an Entry Level Separation in the Marines?

What exactlly is an ELS? How long does it take to bring you home and who and how is it decided upon?

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    An entry level separation is for members who are discharged within their first 180 days of service.

    This is done because the member hasn't served long enough to "earn" a service characterization like honorable, general, or under other than honorable conditions. In cases of extreme misconduct, less than honorable discharges are still possible.

    Basically all an entry level separation is is a pink slip from the military saying that the member didn't work out for whatever reason. It's neither good nor bad, it's just a release.

    Processing times vary. A trainee's commander usually makes the call.

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    It is for servicemembers who, for whatever reason, cannot adapt to a military lifestyle. They are generally identified during their basic training period. Separation times vary.

    Military life is not that difficult if you go in with the right mind-set.

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    It usually occurs when you cant pass your pt test (your pushups, sit ups, run etc,) or some other reason like depression etc. You usaully take a long time to get seperated.

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