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Is LSD a dangerous drug?

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    All drugs are dangerous, even prescribed drugs. They each have side effects.

    By the way: Long live Jerry!!!!!!!!!!

  • Relatively speaking: No.

    It is physically much safer than alcohol or tobacco and it is nearly impossible to overdose on. LSD works by crossing the blood-brain barrier and flooding it with a multitude of chemicals that mimic neurotransmitters in your brain, they bind to your receptors and cause the sensations and hallucinations you feel under its effects. Only about 15% of the drug actually enters your brain, the rest is passed through urine in the first 24 hours. The duration of the effects can last anywhere from 6-14 hours, depending on the dose. You never have to worry about poisoning from strychnine or any other chemical because the amount necessary to kill you can't fit on that little square. And even if drug dealers wanted to, it's much more expensive and a bigger hassle to do so rather than just making and selling real lsd. LSD does not alter your brain chemistry one bit, nor does it kill brain cells. The entire drug is removed from your body in 48-72 hours. In fact, 3-5 days later your tolerance will have returned to normal and you could take it again without having to up the dosage. It is non habit forming and only the truly insane or truly idiotic would want to be on it every day. There has been more research done on this drug than any other. It's found naturally in ergot, a mold that forms on rye, and was first synthesized by Dr. Albert Hoffman on Nov. 16th 1938. It was used for a time by the goverment as a possible biological weapon/truth serum in the 1950's and also for use in psychotherapy in the 1940's up until it was criminalized, even Cary Grant took it numerous times under the supervision of his therapist. It didn't come into popular use until Leary and all the hippies started using and abusing it in the 1960's.

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    LSD is a dangerous drug-that's why its illegal. I'm a child of the 60's. I saw people that took LSD on bad trips (either from a bad batch or given too much) and I've seen people that have taken LSD that never come back from their trip. It does kill brain cells. Why, oh why would you want to possibly ruin your life? The odds are not in your favor when you take LSD.

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    here is what i think Dangers of LSD are,

    Bad trips:

    The most common adverse reaction is a temporary (less than 24 hours) episode of panic --the "bad trip". Symptoms include frightening illusions/ hallucinations (usually visual and/or auditory); overwhelming anxiety to the point of panic; aggression with possible violent acting-out behavior; depression with suicidal ideations, gestures, or attempts; confusion; and fearfulness to the point of paranoid delusions.

    The best solution is to remove disturbing influences, get to a safe, comforting environment, and reassure the tripper that things are alright. It may comfort those who fear that they are losing their minds to be reminded that it will end in several hours.


    A simple explanation of LSD flashbacks, and of their changed character after 1967, is available. According to this theory, almost everybody suffers flashbacks with or without LSD. Any intense emotional experience--the death of a loved one, the moment of discovery that one is in love, the moment of an automobile smashup or of a narrow escape from a smashup--may subsequently and unexpectedly return vividly to consciousness weeks or months later. Since the LSD trip is often an intense emotional experience, it is hardly surprising that it may similarly "flash back."


    Insomnia occurs frequently after the trip. A mild, over-the-counter sleeping aid can help, and these antihistamines do not produce adverse interactions. Also, some people like to consume a small amount of alcoholic beverage to "smooth the jitters".

    Hope this helps

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    LSD is a very dangerous drug. LSD, Lisergic Acid, first came into popularity in the U.S. in the 1960's. Dr Timothy Leary, I believe a Harvard Professor; appealed to American youth and older college students by taking the drug and coining the term " turn on, tune in and drop out....meaning, drop out of school. Leary used LSD and found it in his experience to be "mind expanding" and to Increase his consciousness.

    I doubt it as his experiences were most probably hullucinigenic (seeing things).

    Leary started his education at Holy cross then Graduated from Harvard, West point and went on to live in Beveraly hills during the 1960's hippie era.

    Leary encouraged the use of LSD to everyone as it appeared he felt it really helped "expand ones mind".

    LSD works by changing the chemistry in the brain; your brain chemistry is what makes us "think" in a sense in that it is the tool that sends information from one "synaps" to the other, it's like a bridge used to send information over to our consciousness so we can determine our environment and what we see, feel, hear, taste and all the other senses.

    LSD changes all that and can cause permanant irreversable damage.

    With LSD changing your brain chemistry that bridge bringing you all this good information is damaged and sometimes torn down.

    On what is known as an LSD "TRIP", MEANING, your on it right now and experiencing all the baggage it may have what's called a "good trip" or a "bad trip"...and bad is very bad....and good, is still bad as the chemistry was still changed and may never change back to normalcy.

    On any "trip" a user may see walls melting, flowers in the sky, have a conversation with a snail and all the while percieve it as REAL 100%' people profess to have conversations with "God" and even the "Devil"; bad "trips" I have spoken to people about, they have stated it was horriffic. On an occasion one friend said Demons came out of the walls and actually stuck him with hot pitch-forks, he was chased by "demons" and thrown into fire. During such "trips" the subject on LSD will in fact run around disregarding the real world as they percieve they are being chased by demons; the fact they run off tall buildings, into high speed traffic and threw glass evades them as they are unaware of thier true reality as they disregard it 100%. Many died this way as this is the true LSD "Over-dose".

    One friend had a trip in which he saw musical notes slowly tumbling out of a radio; this is "A-TYPICAL" LSD trip as in such cases the brain chemistry moving across the bridge is so damaged it tells you what your hearing is actually what your mixes seeing and hearing up, like a dyslexic perception. In the 1960's it was not uncommon to read in the news paper that someone "triping" tried to fly off a bridge, they simply knew they could fly...

    If you have any thoughts about playing russian roulette with LSD you should re-think it. I'll tell you I know several people who have gotten the crap end of the stick with this stuff and appear "psychotic" today as they "tripped" years ago; they will never hold a job or function right, nor can they learn again and using a sidekick, computer, driving a car or cellphone takes learning; the new LSD is Extacy; it also changes brain and spinal chemistry absent the "trip" LSD gives you.

    Good luck, don't be stupid, find a real challenge and take it on. LSD is for the unwise.

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    I've done it once. It was amazing. Feel just the same afterwards, try it if you want. Nothing will be wrong with you.

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    Duh...LOL. You try enough of it and I guarantee you will never ask again.

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