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Am I dirty because i take showers once a week?


i don't smell bad or anything. My freinds don't know about this. this my dirty little secret:)

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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe the parts of you your friends can't see are dirty;


    Maybe you are the type of person who wears a lot of deodorant;


    Yeah, either way you're probably dirty.

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    We are one of the few countries that thinks we have to shower once a day or more often. As long as you are doing a washing up in the "key places" and don't stink, then it's fine. However, sometimes you can't smell yourself and then it is a problem. So have a friend promise to tell you if you stink. I take a shower every day, but I know a person doesn't have to. They say we are washing essential oils off our skin when we shower daily. In the winter in colder climates we don't sweat as much. Make sure you do change your clothes every day. Now there's an interesting question -- how often should one change their outer and inner clothing. Think I'll ask that.

  • janus
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    1 decade ago

    May be youre friends are being polite and dont like telling you that you stink. Until someone on the QT tells you to start taking yourself in line and do something about it. They might not notice it so much if you always stay at a distance from them, watch them and see if they are always keeping you at a distance then you will know.

    Are you Poor and dont have the facilities such as hot Water. If this was 40 years ago there might be an excuse when everybody was Poor. If someone gets up close and personal like youre Girlfriend then they will get sick and youre social life will be ruined. For youre own sake wash more often give youre friends a break.

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    Do you stink? Does your hair look greasy?

    If not, you could get away with it no problem. If you're working out daily or sweating profusely, I'd say shower DAILY. Hope you're at least brushing your teeth and washing your face/hands but I digress from the question.

    Are you sure it's your dirty little secret? Just make sure no one is discussing your hygiene behind your back.

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    absolutely, you don't smell yourself but I guarantee others do smell you, you should shower every single day. You get rid of the dead skin, smell fresh, and your hair is clean and fresh smelling. Years ago what they used to do to men in the military is pin him down in the shower and use a scrub brush and lye, it was guaranteed they never went a day without showering again. It is important to rid you body of germs every single day. Good luck.

  • kettie
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    4 years ago

    in simple terms say it in a reliable way means dont even harm his feeling coz he favor some relax and u tell him pass take a bath jsut tell him there is warm water and cleas clothing if u pick take a bath and observe u will gave a reliable nighttime sleep or tell him how abt we both take a bath 2ghter or how abt i gave u a bath i imagine it is going to artwork for u best of lluck

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    1 decade ago

    no in the wintertime when I do not sweat much I take showers once or twice a month, nobody notices the difference

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    I personally think that is unsanitary. But whatever you think is your style, if you think its okay to shower once a week then do what you gotta do!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well ur hair no if its not greasy, your body? thats sorta nasty.... ushould try to bathe every day or at least every 2 days.

    but ur hair should be washed 3 times aw eek.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think so, you dont have to wash your hair everyday, but definitely your body, at least once a day

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