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my g/ is 1week late on her period...?

obviously worried about her being pg.. but she has been having sharp pains in her stomach and yesterday she thought she got it but is was a false alarm... so do you think its coming on?

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    Well it sounds to me like she should just take a test to be sure. Then either way she knows what is going on and she can think about whats next. I think that you should also reassure her that you will support her whatever happens.

    Good luckxx

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    Sometimes when we worry about being pregnant, or are under a lot of stress, our periods can be late. I have been known to have 28 day cycles, and experienced a lot of stress one month and was 12 days late. Does she usually have sharp pains in her stomach prior to her period? Every woman experiences PMS differently. You're both obviously worried. Rather than stress out, you could take a home pregnancy test and have a better idea. FYI, I was 7 days pregnant before my home pregnancy test came back as positive. Regardless of what the instructions say on the box, use the first urine of the day as it is the most concentrated and then hopefully you'll have your news. Good luck to you.

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    Sometimes periods can be delayed due to anxiety. The sharp pains could also be psychological. At the same time, she could really be pregnant. The only sure way is to get a pregnancy test.

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