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How can you tell the difference between a poisonous mushroom and one that is safe to eat?

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    Formerly, the annulus was thought to be an indicator of a poisonous mushroom but this thought has long been rejected. Consider Agaricus brunneus, or the typical edible button mushroom; it has annulus, but is not poisonous.

    I've learned in my General Botany that mushroom poison can be tested by a laboratory procedure called "assay". If amanitoxin is found to be positive, then it's an indication of poison.

    But, well, basically, I'd just rely on the experts for that. And I'd only be eating button mushrooms and the economically important ones, for safety, at least.

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    If you are not a 'trained mycologist' (a person trained in 'mushroom science') then you should NEVER go by 'sight' alone to try to identify 'poisonous' and/or 'edible' mushrooms. Even mycologists have made 'mistakes' ... so I'd just 'buy the mushrooms or the 'mushroom garden' at the store, and if you really want to 'live on the edge' go mushroom hunting in the woods but take ONLY those mushrooms that you know from experience are 'edible.'

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    I easily have been looking and ingesting wild mushrooms ever when you consider that i became into 5 years old, this is an particularly old family contributors custom. I easily have hear undesirable memories approximately how human beings claimed they could tell if a mushroom became into stable by utilising rubbing a silver coin against the cap and seeing if it became black, or rice pink. to place it in simple terms, those approaches are a load balls and are fairly reckless and unsafe. the sole possible way is to tell is experience, by utilising attending to be responsive to 3 varieties o.k. and choosing in basic terms those, or additionally doing all your homework, I very own approximately 8 publications on mushrooms and that still would not conceal each and all of the species in North u.s.. Get to be responsive to a species, then you could attempt to consume it in case you're advantageous (while uncertain, throw it out!). in case you're advantageous, then attempt somewhat and wait an hour to work out in case you're allergic, in case you're an fall sick, do no longer attempt returned. If no longer, delight in! as quickly as you be responsive to a species nicely, you are going to be able to p.c.. it and consume it without trouble as long as you're advantageous of it. i be responsive to this could sound tedious, yet if you stick to those regulations, you may desire to be nice (comparable regulations stick to to ingesting wild flora). this is form of complicated to commence off, although this is an particularly relaxing, secure, and attractive interest, too many persons are frightened of mushrooms while in actuality, in basic terms a small fraction of the species can kill you (even however a great ingredient could make you somewhat sick). delight in!

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    Generally, mushrooms that are white in color are safe to eat. Mushrooms that are red in color are poisonous. In my opinion, I wouldn't eat either of them. Best to get them from the market =)

    Source(s): I learned that from a kid vegetable book
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    I know but if i was you i woulnt go eating any Mushrooms if you have to ask......I personally go pick the good ones to make tea out of to get high.....i dont recomend you eat any wild mushrooms

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    taste it... If you die, then........................

    if not, then your cool


    i think you just have to know, kinda like the difference between poison ivy,oak,sumac, and regular plant.

    heres a good website that might be a starting point.

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    Study, study, study.

    It takes years for you to become an expert in the field of identifying mushrooms.

    Don't trust your life by guessing -- leave it to the experts (and even they are wrong --dead wrong-- sometimes).


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