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Is this a good way to treat my skin? If not PLEASE HELP!?

If the do the below will my skin look healhty and glow without using any cleansers or whatever. If you have any NATURAL solutions please inform me :]

1. Eating healthy & Drinking 8 glasses of water per day.

2. Wash my face daily [but how?!]

3. Apply honey to my face.

4. Make an avocado mask.

5. Use chamomile tea and tone my face.

And I am only 14.

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    All the things you mentioned are excellent for your skin. In terms of washing the skin, go with clensers a that are gentle. Harsh scrubs and cleansers only tear at your skin!

    Your skin reflects what is inside so the eating healthy, drinking enough water and exercise are very necessary. Not only for your skin, but overall health.

    You also must use a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Even if you have oily skin (you don't say). It's a misconception that you cannot use moisturizers on oily skin. When you use "drying" washes, toners, etc., your skin overcompensates and thus looks more oily! The same from dry skin, if you pile on oily product then it won't produce as much oil to compensate and you'll still feel you have dry skin.

    Any natural masks are great!

    Make one out of honey and oatmeal. Also egg white is great to firm the skin. You will find many simple recipes on the Internet for natural face/skin masks.

    You are off to to a good start!


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    You have good advice on your list. You can make a scrub with sugar and honey to wash your face with. It would be easier to know how to treat your skin, if you gave more info, Is your skin oily, dry, t-zone. You can use the whites of an egg for a mask if your skin is oily. Avocado for dry skin. There are great books at the library that help. Drinking the water really does help the skin look good AND also helps by controlling pimples!

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    Honey, all natural ways do help to some extend. However, there are things that happen at the cellular level that your body just needs help with. Have you ever heard about FREE RADICALS? They destroy cells and as a result, accelerate the aging process. Do a quick search and you'll know what I am talking about. If you want to look radiant and have a beautiful glow, you should use an antioxidant product such as OPC-3. It's a free radical scavenger and has all natural ingredients. check it out for yourself at (americhoice) By the way, Ashanti uses this product!

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    all those stuff are good too!! it'll help!

    i use homemade facials and they work great! natural ingredients are the best.

    i recommend these recipes from the internet.

    ---------------------Facial Cleansers----------------------

    Mix 3-5 drops of lemon juice to a beaten egg white

    Apply to face and when first layer dries add a second layer

    Keep it on for 15-20 minutes

    Then wash it off with lukewarm water

    ------------------Mask to apply color to pale face--------------

    Mix 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp of orange juice

    Mix very well and apply to face

    Leave on for as long as you can

    No Less than 30 minutes

    Then wash it off with warm water

    Whip one egg white with 1 tbsp sugar

    Keep on no more than 15-20 minutes

    **Egg White helps tighten skin. Lemon acts like a bleach and diminishes blotches. And honey softens the skin

    hope this helps!! :]] tell me how it goes!

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    Hi, eating health and drinking water. Wash your face at least twice a day (Never go to bed without). Use a 3 step system, facial wash, facial toner, and of course moisturizer. That's all I know to do.

  • im 13 and that is a great regimen. i invested in about 2 months worth of those face cloths that you just add water to and they foam and it makes washing my face a lot easier. also, eat a lot of fish. the fish oils are very good for your skin. for a scrub, use 2/3 baking soda and 1/3 water and for your lips, try rubbing vaseline on them b4 you go to sleep. it will absorb during the night and leave you with lusicous lips. good luck1

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    the tips above are great!

    but here is a tip that works GREAT for me:

    during a shower, i aim the shower faucet at my face and let the water remove all the dead skin

    after the shower, feel your face, it feels VERY SMOOTH and SOFT (meaning it is EXFOLIATED! :D)

    after the shower exfoliation, i put facial moisturizer on my face and neck

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    Sunblock! Start using it early EVERY day, at least an SPF15, and you will prevent much of the damage we start to see in our 20s.

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    do all the things you listed but also check this out. there are a lot of recipies for facial masks that you can make at home!~

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