RB ST Hormone in milk & Dairy?

Why do they give this to cows? It can cause austism, cancer & unnatural growth in kids?? Where do you shop for milk and such? I go out of my way to buy milk and other dairy products at Trader Joes, Lasens & Long's. I had been doing so for years. But my sons doctor said to avoid it at all costs!

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    R-bst just makes the cows produce a lot more milk really fast. It completely ruins the cow, she won't live as long because she has been worked too hard and her body can't keep up with it. Farmers give it to their cows because more production means more money. R-bst has been getting such bad press lately that most milk producers won't buy the farmer's milk if they use it. Also, look for milk that says R-bst free on the label. As far as organic goes, just know that supporting organic dairy products is not supportive to the cows. What I mean is that when a cow gets sick a lot of the time they are "beefed out," killed just because they are sick. Most of the time a simple antibiotic program will heal them. But organic means that if you treat her with antibiotics you can't use her milk for a long time (I think it's a year). Most farmers will kill her instead of feeding her that long if she is not working. At our farm, our cows are our pets, our family. You would not kill your dog because it's mildly sick. When we treat a sick cow with antibiotics (or any other medication) her milk is kept out of the tank for about two weeks even though the medicine is generally out of their system in a few days. So you true organic people that really care about the animals, do some research....

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    I buy Organic milk from cows but maybe you may want to try almond / rice / soy milk as an alternative. They inject all kinds of stuff into cows so they can keep on producing milk, but instead of the calves benefits it goes to us and hinders. Give one of the other alternatives a try or switch to organic. Good Luck!

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    Try organic milk. It's twice the cost, but should be hormone free (check the fine print anyway).

    Milk is scary. Goats milk is another good (albeit pricey as well) alternative.

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    They give it to the cows to increase milk production. This is the ONLY reason. It is approved by the FDA and the USDA. This is the reason I do not trust these government agencies.

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