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Hi,,, i need help i am currently pregnant like 19 weeks and i don't now yet want i am having?

But if is a boy is going to be Benjamin or a girl Alice do you now anithing else that goes with this names i need some ideas thanks so much for the help.

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    Franklin and Cooper

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    Here are some names I came up with, I love the name Benjamin by the way!

    Benjamin Scott

    Benjamin Conner

    Benjamin Ryan

    Benjamin Michael

    Benjamin Alexander

    Benjamin Issac

    Benjamin James

    Benjamin Thomas

    Benjamin Spencer

    I can't think of anything that I like to go with Alice, but it's a nice name.

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    Benjamin Joseph

    Benjamin James

    Benjamin David

    Alice Claire

    Alice Marie

    Alice Jane

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    Benjamin Cole

    Benjamin Matthew

    Alice Catherine

    Alice Olivia

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    Beautiful Names!

    And Congrats To You!

    I Bet Your Sooooooo Excited.

    Benjamin Levi

    Benjamin Lee

    Benjamin Ely

    Benjamin Frank

    Benjamin Justin

    Benjamin Chris

    Benjamin Walter

    Alice Grace

    Alice Brooke

    Alice Nickole

    Alice Noel

    Alice Michelle

    Alice Lynn

    Alice Leigh

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    Alice Lynn Alice Marie Alice Nicole Alice Renee or you can always have her middle name the same as yours or your mom or friends middle name. Someone you care about a lot.

    Benjamin Lee Benjamin Joe Benjamin Dean Benjamin James

    Or have his middle name with someone you care a lot also.

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    I love Benjamin and Alice!! They are so cute and classic. Even Alllison could go. But, how about these:

    -Alice Rachel

    -Alice RaeAnn

    -Alice Kathryn

    -Alice Jade

    -Alice Lauren

    -Benjamin Daniel

    -Benjamin Thomas

    -Benjamin Gabriel

    -Benjamin Garrett

    -Benjamin Jacob

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    Well if it is Boy how about a middle name like Michael "Benjamin Michael" or "Daniel" ???? or if it is a girl how about Alice Marie, Alice Alanna??? Don't know?? Just shooting out some ideas. Good Luck to you! Oh check out what is on line, Google "Baby Names" and see what pops out!

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    I was going to name my baby Benjamin but I had a girl :)

    I suggest Benjamin John and Alice Olivia

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    I would think twice about Benjamin-- but it's your decision to make:)

    Alice is fine but I like Alicia better:)

    Best Wishes

  • how about benjamin micheal

    and for the girl

    alice rose

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