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how do u think a boy can get a girl?

i need our help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    show her that you're interested in her. make her feel like she is special to you.

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    Hi. Well boys trying to get girls. Answer some of these questions. How old are you. 12-15: Then most girls look for guys with a sense of humor. Don't be pushy or anything. Try impressing her. Start a convo! For the impressing part, try to pick up a binder, book, note book, if she drops it. She'll be greatful. Or if she looks stuck on a problem in Math Class Help her out (but not on a quiz or test of course!) For starting a covo- say. "Hey Whats up?" Or if your in a ILA and the teacher is boring say... "Man this teacher is terrible!" Always be nice, come talk to her. If you keep it up, she might like you back! Or this stuff might put more strength in your friendship, so then you can hang out and other things. Feel free to email me if you ever need help!

    Hope this helps! good luck

    ~Emily S

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    The guy that gets the girl is the one that isn't afraid to assert himself and take the risk of rejection. Girls want attention and plenty of it. Persistence is also a good thing when pursuing a girl. A guy has to be willing to get in the 'competition' for a girl's affection. One trick that a guy I liked tried successfully was to be at the door waiting for me when I got out of I was walking out the door with a male class mate who was holding the door for me, the guy I liked took over the job of holding the door for me (and both of us at this point) and without missing a beat he asked me how class went and said hello to the classmate followed with 'see ya Dave'. Ole' Dave was flustered and said bye as we walked away. It was a smooth just had to be there. But sure enough he won my heart. That's what I meant when I suggested you assert yourself. A girl needs to know that you really like her.

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    Just walk up to her and club her over the head, then drag her back off to your cave. Just be yourself and talk to her, get the digits, take her out. It's not really that hard. Just make sure you use "a lot" of cologne :) lol

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    well it happens all the time so apparently theres a way...the way the guys get me is by acting nice and treating me well. no rude comments towards me or being too forward and like touching me.if youre a yours.

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    tell her out flat, that is how i like my boys to treat me

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