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Aquarium question: I've ran out of filter floss, can I use the fiberfill they use to stuff plush toys instead?

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    Yes you can. It clogs a little faster usually but it works well. The batting for quilting is also a good choice, it's often easier to work with in a filter.


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    Aquarium Filter Floss

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    Depends on what it's made out of. Filter floss is made of 100% polyester (poly wool) - so if you know that that's what your plush toys contain - with no additives - then yes, you can. However, if they contain another material or chemical, then you risk harming your fish. I would venture to say that most plush toy fiberfill is fine to use, though.

    In the future, don't throw away your filter floss when it's dirty. Just rinse it. Being polyester, it doesn't rot or go bad. It'll probably never be white again, but it will work just as effectively as if it were new.

    Lastly, you can get filter floss MUCH cheaper at Walmart or Zellers - they use 100% polyester poly wool to stuff pillows, and you can buy a big bag of pillow stuffing.

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    Actually you are 100% correct. Yep you can. Same difference and won't matter much to the fish. NO MATTER WHAT THE CONS SAY. I can say at this moment, not only is my daugher a vet but a Mariene Biologist! Proud parent! Yes you can use the fibers. Honestly they are steral and never touched by human hands. If you use them for the filters not only are they better, (ok more clean up) they are better.

    Have fun and good luck

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    Yes make sure its not flame retardant kind. I've used 100% polyester fiber fill for years in my tank. Same stuff and cheaper too!

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    NO I've asked the manufacturer of this once and they said no because most of their floss is chemically treated for fire resistance.

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