Is the pete wentz AIM ....... correct?

hey some1 told me its not but wikapieda says its fueledbywentz?

Whtas his e-mail 2!

please dont use sarcasm. your not funny so there!


I misspelled wikeapidea u guys r like so immature...

Update 2:


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    Hold on, hold on...let me pull up my contacts in my email account. Wait, I have a better idea, I'll just give you his cell phone number because I have it right here. Oh, you said NOT to use sarcasm...My bad, I couldn't read your horribly spelled words. I apologize...

    Update: Okay, you spelled WAY more than wikipedia wrong, just so we're all on the same page. I don't think you are a stalker, but use some common sense about it for crying out loud! Do you think we all just hang out with Pete Wentz everyday? Do you think we play guitar together, and skateboard in the park on a sunny afternoon? We have NO idea how to get ahold of Pete Wentz personally. And if we were friends with him, do you think we'd sell him out by telling everyone how to get ahold of him? Do you think celebrities often give out their email addresses, their phone numbers, their AIMs just willy-nilly? Do you think they just post them online for everyone in the whole world to see? I don't think you're a stalker, just ignorant. By the way...

    Hey, someone told me it's not, but wikipedia says it's fueledbywentz. Also, what's his email? Please don't use sarcasm. You're not funny, so there.

    That's how it should know, in English.

    In short, give it up. He's not going to be in your 5, I would guarantee he's not going to myspace you. You're not going to have long talks on the phone or over any instant messenger. Celebrities have it hard enough with the paparazzi. They don't post personal information online. And if it got leaked somehow, it would be changed in a heartbeat.

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    Why would ANYONE like Pete Wentz be on the internet talking to crazy fans who could stalk his every move?

    UPDATE: I didn't say YOU were a stalker I just implied, maybe you aren't whatever..its not like we know how to get ahold of him though. People who DO know Pete Wentz won't give out his information, celebs try to keep their personal business out of the spotlight. Don't keep your hopes up about it. Its possible to talk to him but its too hard to find out his information.

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    hey, i saw that on Wiki too & i checked it out online & found this: the info says the person is female & living in Maine, so (s)he is clearly not trying to pretend to be Pete, but (s)he does give her AIM SN as fueledbywentz. so... i don't know, but i'm gonna say it's probably not him. which is a bummer cuz i'd love to talk to him too lol, but i don't think it's that easy. you'd probably have to be Ryan Ross or someone to talk to Pete on AIM :( if you wanted to send him something though, you can always go through the fan club address.

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    Why not write him a fan letter c/o his management or record label. That will show that you respect him and his right to privacy and would probably even garner a response. He's a busy man so it may take awhile.

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    No Wikipedia doesn't say anyhting about his AIM. He doesn't let a lot of people have it so it is not out htere in the open. If I were you if you wanted to get a hold of him ask him a question on the band's website.

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    no thats not it. thats just another fake. there are so many fake petes and only one real one that its really not worht looking for the real one. fueledbywentz, brand new cups, and thepeteyXwentz are all fakes and theres alot more that i didnt list on here. its really better not to try to find his sn because you might end up with a fake, and fakes can be extremly convincing.

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    uh actually fueledbywentz is an 11 year old kid's sn =|

    im actually dead serious. dont ever listen to wikipedia. people change the info on there

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    faintfiend took the words right out of my mouth and also, you cant go by wikipedia, that's an edited website anybody could get on there and write all kinds of crap down

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    i cant help u there but he is HOTT so jus go 2 fall out boy myspace and add them as a friend i did and the ACTUALY add me and dont worry it make take long 4 them 2 responde but its tottaly worth it and dont worry i cant spell either

  • Jesse
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    1 decade ago

    I am funny and you ARE REALLY FUNNY for spelling that all wrong and thinking that's his real sn

    you spelled wikipedia wrong yet again.

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