what is the importance of an administrative proffesional managing the flow of records throughout a company?

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    1 decade ago
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    It means people feel comfortable that your records are accurate and image is everything.

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    record keeping is one of the most important functions to keep a business in top shape.

    Copies of sales orders, copies of contracts, copies of correspondences, copies of board actions, copies of personelle matters.

    When was the last time you worked in an office without paper.

    Having accessible records are the heartbeat of a company.

    A good adm. prof. can juggle tons of paper, knowing who has access to what and who doesn't; who needs what when, and makes sure they receive it. How would the president of the company know that the production department was way out of budget without the proper flow of records. He'd find out, but tool late to do anything about it.

    Without proper paper flow, corporate attorneys would be lost and would cost the corporation millions.

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