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you like thesebands?

chiodos, circa survive, emery, red jumpsuit apparatus, plain white t's, underoath, my chemical romance, i am the avalanch, Sparta, saosin, acceptance, Panic! At the Disco, mae, hidden in plain view?? if you like any of these bands let me know and tell me what you think each bands best song is...


this is the best one

listen to "the words best friend become redefined

thats the best song ever!!!

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    i love a lot of those bands..i especially LOVE My Chemical Romance!!

    Wow, you have some good music taste~


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    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- not really

    Plain White Ts- awesome!!! just got into them...thinking about going to one of their concerts if they get one nearby. and Tom Higgenson is seriously gorgeous

    Panic! At the Disco- heard em alot but theyre cool

    My Chemical Romance- eh..Welcome to the Black Parade is ok

    havent heard enough of Plain White T's..ive only heard 2 songs so far and i couldnt choose btw either (the songs ive heard are Hate I Dont Really Like You & Hey There Delilah)

    Panic! at the Disco- i really like that sexual song. i forget what its called but part of it is "lets get these teens heart beating faster faster" it makes me sweat for some reason but its a uberhot song...i love how excited it gets me. i know im a weirdo aint I? but for a song to do that it must be really good because thats the only song i know to have done that.

    oh and i havent heard the rest of them...

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    1 decade ago

    chiodos,plain white t's,underoath,my chemical romance,i am the avalanch and panic! at the disco

    chiodos i reli cant pic

    plain white ts - hate (i really dont like you)

    underoath-writing on the walls


    i am the avalanche- i took a beating

    panic!-the only difference...

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    1 decade ago

    i absolutly love the band the red jumpsuit appartus...i just liked them and got their cd be/c of the song that made them famous-face down**but after actually listenin to the cd i liked them all my favorite has to be 'seventeen anit so sweet' i like panic at the disco to- be/c its like amazing i love the beat and the way they sound in that sound...its soo different then the rest of their songs...very unique i guess u could say...i also like my chemical romance...fav song has to be helena ..... best ever

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    my chemical romance are f**kin awesome i love them till death, i love the red jumpsuit apparatus, and panic at the disco i like them

    in picking the best song out of mcr i cant tell, i just love them all

    RJA would have to be guardian angel and face down

    Panic at the disco would have to be their first single

  • Jesse
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    I have a friend in one of those bands...he's the bassist... I'm not saying which band but a few people on this music board know ... OVerall, i like some but they are far too overplayed. I also took pictures of 3 of the bands live for the band. I have fun.

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    I've heard of like 3 bands in there. Acceptance songs; So Contagious and Take Cover.....heard them about a year or so ago...pretty decent band

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    i like red jumpsuit apparatus, thier best song is face down, my chemical romance, there best song is welcome to the black parade

    panic! at the disco's best song is lying is the most fun a girl can have. :)

  • love panic! at the disco and chemical romance

  • 1 decade ago

    I love my chemical romance and panic! at the disco of that list..that's it. :)

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