Paying rent late?

I've never had any problems with my apartment or my landlord, never been late on a payment or anything, but I dont have enough to pay it on the 5th. (last day of grace period.) I just had a really bad month with finances. Alot of suprises :( but I get paid on the 9th, and can pay it then, but it will be 4 days late! I REALLY do not want to pay it late, and dont want to take out a loan, or cash advance. I heard you dont get charged with a late fee if you pay it 72 hours after the 5th? I could write a check on the 8th, and pray it doesnt go through until the 9th.

I'm completely lost, and desperately need advice. Thank you so much for all of your answers!

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    More often than not a humble phone call to your landlord explaining your situation is all you need.

    They may throw in a nominal late fee (some do a % of your rent) as a "slap on the wrist" but most will appreciate your up front honesty.

    Remember, your rent is their income and they're waiting on that check to be able to pay their debt obligations. If they know you're late it can help them plan their cash flows better.

    Given your history of good payment, most landlords would allow you this stretch.

    I don't recommend trying to play the "float" on when your check clears. It used to be that you could count on a check taking 2-4 days to clear because of processing time.

    Recent changes in banking regulations allow inter-bank transactions (like check clearing) to go a lot faster (often times overnight).

    My advice is to play it straight, give 'em a call be honest and be sure to get them the rent when you promise. As long as you don't make a habit of this you should be OK.

    Good luck.

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    Sorry to say, but you may just have to pay late and pay the late fee. That would be cheaper than writing a check and then the check gets cashed before the 9th and then you'll have much more fees to worry about. Pay the late fee, better to be safe than sorry.

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    Myself I think I'd go to the landlord and explain my case. In business honesty can go a long ways. If you were always making these excuses thats one thing but if you've been there awhile say a year and you've been on time always I'd surely plead with the landlord and if that just don't cut it go to family or close friend to borrow or use a credit card to pay some of the bigger appartment places surely take credit cards.

    Good luck!!!

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    most landlord understand if go to the office and let them know, and if u could give them half now and the rest on the 9th . I hope everything works out for u..

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    Call them TODAY and explain your situation. The'll be more understanding if you are up front about it. It's not a big deal (imo) - it could become a big deal if you are evasive about it.

    Don't wait.

    Source(s): been a landlord in the past
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    let the landlord know... NOW!

    And offer them a postdated check for the 9th, so that they know you are serious.

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    paying rent late is just stupid Shelb u might get a late fee or get thrown out of ur HOUSE!!!!

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    Why don't you call them up and ask if it's ok

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