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pleez! i need some major help!?

i know this guy and he is dating my best friend! he went out with me for like 2 years and he promised rite after our break- he would never date any of my close friends becuz that is sooo awkward, but now he is dating my BEST FRIEND!!! should i talk to them or just him? HELP!!!

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    Nothing you can do. If u still value both their friendships stay with them. If not then get better friends. Both of them suck to me. And, hey, get another guy to take your mind off it but be straight with him. Good luck.

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    They both seem fairly SELFISH! I'd lose them both because you should never put a man before a friend and there are "rules" on both sides after a break up and your feelings don't seem to matter.

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    Well first of all she's not your friend. If it bothers you that much you should talk to her not him. She the one that still has a relationship with you. Maybe you should just let her know how you feel. But don't tell him he's just going for whats there.

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    first kick his *** and then tell him why u did it and if she was ur best friend then she would not have stated to date him cuz best friends dont do that to one another

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    they are both doing you wrong!

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