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do you know someone who died?

me and my husband are on our way to divorce he should be moving out in a couple of weeks i hope, and yesterday he said the meanest thing to me ever you see a couple of months ago my dad fell asleep and his house caught on fire and he died never made it out and his body was completely burned 100% and my husband started to make fun of my dad yesterday to hurt me saying i am glad your dad died i will kick him 10 more feet under and laying on the floor pretending he was burning as my dad did my dad was a nice man and did my husband no wrong how can someone be so cruel?

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your father that is terrible. My prayers are with you.....

    Now...... A few weeks is too long honey. Kick that fools *** out NOW. Nobody deserves to be treated like that and to disrespect someone who has passed away is the lowest you can go.


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    Ok this definitely sound crazy (what I'm about to say!) This morning i had a dream about someone falling asleep inside a place that gets caught on fire and 100% of that persons body gets burnt and now i am reading this. Well enough of that.

    I am terribly sorry for what happened to your father and I hope you are able to find relief for you and your loved ones. As for your future ex-husband, you haven't mentioned who was the one who asked for the divorce. if it was you, then he is using anything to make you feel bad and for him there is no other perfect thing than to use your father's death. What an SOB. That man doesn't have a heart or a brain and he is the one who deserves to be dead and celebrated. Belive me sweetheart, there's people in this earth who are cruel and sh*theads. I'm sorry but thats the only way I can express myself with a person like your ex. He has serious problems. It was easy for him to say that because it wasn't his dad. I'm glad you're not with him anymore. Please don't feel insulted for what I'm about to say- but I suggest you to get some sort of therapy-or relax so you can relieve your trauma from losing your dad in such tragic way and for after what that demon told you. God Bless.

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    I feel so sad for your loss and for your husband to say something so mean and cruel is unbelievable . It shows his maturity level is low .

    Death is a very serious thing as if you are not hurting enough already going through a divorce . I pray that he never experiences the loss that you have and then have you to make fun of him and see how he would feel .

    Good Luck


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    This is a disgusting example of verbal abuse. If the two of you have found that you relationship has come to an end you should both be able to handle this in an adult manor. I cant tell you to forget, forgive or get over this crulty. This makes me sick to my stomach. Take this as a learning experiance and one of the many reasons that your time with this indevidual is over.

    Your family has been through a tramatic experiance and my heart goes out to you. You are a human being and no one should make you feel like less of one because they are not adult enough to walk away from a bad situation. Get through the devorce, dont provoke him and move on. You will be able to be happy again you just need to find yourself and give yourself time to heal from everything you are going through. If ever you are in need of someone to just vent to you can rely on the kindness of strangers. I will listen with an open mind. I give you my best in hopes you find the strength to see youreslf through this.

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    Your plain American parlance if you excuse me for saying a heartless prick.

    You, my dear, are better off without this stooge. Always remember those words he said. Especially if he decideds that either he wants to make amends or if you suddenly decide to do the same.

    My advice to you? When this cold hearted and mean sh*t dies be sure to get to the funeral home with a wooden stake and a mallet. Drive it into his chest while he's in his casket just to ensure he's dead.

    Don't stop the divorce proceedings and my deepest sympathies to you for the tragic loss of your dad.

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    Yes I do know someone whodied in my family. It was my brother. He died while he was street racing. I had friends who didnt like him cuz he was really good. They just said that if they wouldve killed him they would have losen up the breaks so theywouldnt work. I was about to beat him up but ididnt cuz he was bein ignorant. I walked away with pried.

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    That is horrible. It's a good thing you are getting away from that lameass. There is someone out there for you honey who will treat you right. I say get rid of him and never look back. Best of luck.

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    He is strangely sick. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have lost numerous people close to me and I don't play that game. You don't speak ill of the dead regardless of who they are and you definately don't say something cruel about a deceased loved one to anybody to try to hurt them. That is the ultimate hurt. I lost a child and would probably come close to murder if anyone said something like that to me about my child!!! Feel sorry for him though cuz this proves he lives for the Devil, not God. Pray for him and strength for yourself in this.

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    Yes, my 25 yr. old daughter of bone cancer. If your soon to be ex ( great decision to rid your life of this pathetic, so called human! ) was my husband, he would be resting comfortably next to Jimmy Hoffa... Get as far away from him as soon as possible. I hope you don't have children with this ... bottom feeder. Marie

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    I'm sorry to hear about your dad but all the ex was doing was pissing you off. I would considered that two weeks be two hours..get him out now!

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