What's the best way to make a phone call from abroad?

I'm from the United States, and would like to know the best way to make calls back to the U.S. from Europe, Northern Africa & Asia. Should a buy a phone when I get overseas or use phone cards from my destination? Any other suggestions? Thanks very much.

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    C O L L E C T . . .

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    You can take your cell phone with you, using you operator's roaming service.

    Also, you can buy local cell line: a prepaid SIM card. I believe it should be available in any modern country through the various operators stores.

    You can make video calls this way, if you own a 3G cell phone.

    These are the most convenient ways.

    Of course, using Skype or realated with your laptop, via Wi-Fi, should be okay, though Wi-Fi is not that common yet. Using Skype through some internet-cafes probably exists too.

    Through the web you can make video calls as well.

    Calling cards is less convenient than cell phone, but it's cheaper.

    Also, collect servise is mostly convenient if you're confident whoever you're calling to will accept your call.

    you can call from your hotel room too, but usually it's expensive.

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    If you're going to be talking regularly to people back home, use one of the internet voice options (msn, skype, aim, etc). I'd definitely get yourself a mobile though, they're fairly cheap and it costs nothing to receive a call from the US on them. Text messaging also is a very good option as they cost far less than actual phone calls.

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    You can buy online calling cards.

    One of the best online calling card website with variety of quality cards is ZS Comm Global


    They do provide different calling cards with really good rates to call many countries.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If I were you I would use phone cards. It's easy to use and no phone to dispose of after the trip

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