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7 years old daughter! Need I say more?

my 7 year old always acts mad if she is not getting her way. Any suggestions

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    When she starts with behavior you don't want to see, steer her to her bedroom and tell her you'd be happy to have her around when she pulls herself together. Don't tell her she can't be mad. Tell her she can stay in her room as long as it takes for her to get over being mad. Don't allow her to spread her crankiness just because she can't have her way.

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    If she sulks about not getting her way, take away something she enjoys for every minute her bad attitude persists. Take her toys and put them in a bag for Goodwill--and then GET RID OF THEM. If you soften up once she's changed her attitude, she'll learn that the consequences of bad behavior can be undone. And in life, they often can't.

    Oh, and if she throws a tantrum? Spank the hell out of her and lock her in a closet until she calms down.

    Source(s): Father of two VERY well-behaved daughters.
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    Yep... that's called manipulation. Don't you watch The Nanny show??? There is a web site and book(s) called Love & Logic that are wonderful parenting tools. Read them! You won't regret it. It is common sense parenting at its best...

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    You should of thought about that 7 years ago. lol

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    Ignore her and let her throw a fit. Sooner or later she'll get the hint that you won't just hand stuff to her.

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    Set boundaries and stick to them. I hate to tell you this but it's going to get alot worse before it gets better.

    Source(s): Mom of two girls
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    call that lady off Super Nanny. She can help

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    this might be weird asked her to do something for you and when she says no act just the she would when you stay no to her!!

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    show her who the boss is. if you tink its hard now then i feel for you when shes a teenager

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    Ignore her as she throws her fit.

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