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share with me!!!!!!!!?

tell me ur sex stories n if i like it u wil get easy 10 points but the condition is that they should be fully explained...;)

try out ur luck

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    I met a gal on a trans Atlantic flight who told me she'd done it before on a plane. I said 'Hey, I have an idea,...." The oral in the back of the plane under a blanket was great, but the cramped bathroom was a drag. Plus we heard 'loud' voices just outside the door and freaked. Then she met one of her bf's at the Amsterdam airport.

    My first anal was deluxe too. Email if u want those details. umm

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    I got the best! My blind date turned out to be not so good looking, so instead of making love to her, I took her in an alley, bent her over and stuck my thang in her booty hole with no grease. The funny thing is she still ended up pregnant. Now our son nick name is Boo-Boo. Can I get my dime?!?

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    how about not and i get a free 2 points. ; )

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    r u a freak? To Personal

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    How about...get a life.

  • I ****** my mum and my dad caught us so i ****** him oh yeah!

    P.s. you can throw up now

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