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What do u say to someone who doesn’t love themselves to make them love themselves?

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    You can't convince someone who doesn't love themselves when their problem is internal. They have to do it themselves. Pushing the issue is only going to make them think "Oh, he/she is just being nice." And then they'll just convince themselves of all the reasons why they shouldn't love themselves.

    If they have a talent, compliment them on it, or if they invited you to a great dinner praise them. Gradually, point out all the great things about them that you love. If you want to help, show your love for them instead. Ask them why they don't love themselves, and if it's a serious issue, suggest they get professional help.

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    You don't have to say anything just make sure they know YOU love them and why. Love for yourself comes from self acceptance , self acceptance comes from knowing you are accepted.

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    Ask them that.

    They know the answer.

    And when they tell it you, they tell it to themselves.

    And if they never tell you, they still tell themsleves.

    Then, you run away and pray not to get hit by the fallout.

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