Can you only follow the parts of the bible you want?

Ok, one for the really fundamental christians that tend to lurk in the gay section, quoting leviticus. Putting aside the fact the line you quote (Man shall not lie with man, for tis an abomination) is a bit open (Why not, "No man shall have sex with another man, nor woman with women, for it it displeases god"?), Why do you feel you can ditch the rest of leviticus' writings? According to the rest of it, The folllowing are all sins:

- shaving (leviticus 19:27),

- shrimp (leviticus 11:10),

- tatoos (leviticus 19:28),

- working saturdays (leviticus 19:30),

- polyester (leviticus 19:19),

- bunnies (leviticus 11:6),

- medium steak and black pudding (leviticus 17:10),

- vegetable gardens (19:19),

- acne (leviticus 13:14),

-left overs from three days ago (leviticus 19:7/8),

- mules (leviticus 19:19),

- earrings (19:28).

And I'm pretty sure you're not following that. SO: Why do you feel you can choose which rules to follow?


My point is, why do so many christians feel the need to correct gays on one point, while they ignore the rest of the quotes in the same part? And I'm not saying any are not sins - by the bible they all are- but I'm attacking the hypocrisy of those who keep quoting 20:10!!

Update 2:

Oh, and do me a favour - Don't give answers thumbs down just because they support religion! I want decent answers, not a one-sided argument! PLEASE, thumbs up to good, informative answers, thumbs down to stupid, short, irrelevant crap :D

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    I was gonna stay out of this one, but it seems you want a real answer so I hope I can help. :)

    That is a totally excellent question. The answer? When Jesus died, he fulfilled "the Law"... the Mosaic Law... which included those things you cited above. We are no longer under THAT law. However, a certain number of things, such as the command against homosexuality, were repeated a number of times in the New Testament. For instance 1 Cor. 6:9 in part says: What! Do you not know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God's kingdom? ... neither fornicators, nor idolaters..... nor men who lie with men...". Now before you get all riled up I think it's important for you to know that scripturally God does not discriminate against Homosexuals in terms of what he considers a sin. Notice that it says "neither fornicators". Fornication in Greek is pornea ... which represents all forms of sexual activity outside of marriage. The problem is that some sort of give a wink and turn a blind eye to violations of one type while condemning another. That's hardly fair now is it?

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    you're an extremely naughty woman! and you apart from might wasted a great danger. quite of installation a straw guy argument approximately something that in basic terms isn't interior the Bible, you will have picked an occasion it extremely is interior the Bible. So why did no longer you? on account which you should no longer discover something remotely corresponding to the obnoxious occasion you went on approximately? The Bible consistently states the justifications for God's judgments on persons and communities of human beings. it consistently has to do with wickedness and gathering evil. working example, he gave the Amorites over 4 hundred years till now performing to break them. The 4 hundred years in basic terms led to the Amorites to devote further and extra atrocities against different persons. yet look how God's endurance is used as an excuse to rage against God's eventual judgment! nicely, Mark, thank you for making me snort - at seven of the clock this Friday morning! ideas-blowing! Apple supplies the suited ripost on your question, by how. no want for me to declare greater.

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    You're not supposed to but most Christians only follow the parts that they want to follow at a given time. Yet they think they're good Christians by hating and promoting intolerance toward the homosexual community. I thought you didn't get a "get out of jail free card" to follow it only when you feel like following it.

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    Christianity has nothing to do with keeping a set of rules. True Christianity is about receiving the Spirit of Christ, which results in the law of God coming to reside in the heart.

    "If you have died with Christ to the elementary principles of the world, why as if you were living in the world do you submit yourself to decrees such as "do not handle, do not taste, do not touch!" (which all refer to things destined to perish with use) in accordance with the commandments and teachings of men?" (Colossians 2:20-22)

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    It's the "cafeteria" approach to religion so much in fashion in the USA. That's one of the reasons they have so many various sects and denominations. Anyone can chose what he likes and drop the rest.

    Of course it does not make sense but that's not the objective of religion is it ?

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    Lol, I agree. The majority of christians that I have come across have all taken what they wanted from the bible and twisted it around to say what they wanted it to say, and then disregarded the rest. Who knows. Maybe someday they will stop being hypocritical.

    Blessed Be,


  • Apparently most things in Leviticus are now inapplicable but STRANGELY, the rules applying to homosexuality apply!

    How conveeeeeenient.

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    Old testament = old laws.

    We follow Jesus' commandments now. The OT laws just show us that we are indeed all sinners, just as Paul said. We all need a savior, whether it's a small imperfection or a huge sin, we can't get to heaven unless we're perfect. And that's only possible though Jesus

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    Abby/if youre a true christain and really have put youre faith in god youll follow the whole bible just like in basketball theres a playbook that gives you instructions the bible is gods playbook and gives us instructions.

    Tiffani/Yes, the bible is gods word and like she said, your playbook, to keep you going in the game of life.

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    I've yet to get an answer to that one from a Christian I think the word of God is a sort of pick and buffet.

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