What is a good managerial economics topic for a research paper?

It has to be a current issue, related to managerial economics and easy to get information on, (10-page paper). Credible and reliable sources must be used. Thank you.

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    Should the IRS outsource customer service calls to India.

    Source(s): www.irs.gov
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    properly, Newton in actuality made calculus in like 4 months. it particularly is noticeably bloody remarkable, you will desire to to start there. you should examine approximately Riemann sums, it particularly is neat. it particularly is of path the good way of looking the factors, even nevertheless it particularly is the muse for the vital. you should in actuality visit a library, turn open a calculus textbook 0.5 way and %. a situation. some Italian dude I bear in suggestions analyzing used the go sectional technique of integration to discover the volumes of diverse solids of rotation, yet i don't understand something approximately him. yet yeah...

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    1 decade ago

    The impact of the current account deficit upon the American standard of living.

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