What's life like in Peachtree City, GA?

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    i lived there for over a year....it is not crazy, hectic, and the only traffic there might be is where 74 and 54 meet at the avenue shopping center....but even that is nothing to freak someone out over. it is in my opinion the best place to live near atlanta....the only bummer is that most jobs seem to be on the north end of atlanta...and ptc is southwest of the city. its down-right beautiful, very very safe, and even has golf-cart trails to drive almost everywhere on a cart. if you like the wooded suburb lifestyle with the convenience of a major city 40-50minutes away then it is a wonderful place to live. hope i helped.

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    I use to live there for three months and I find Peachtree City very comfortable. The city has all the basic services that you need but you do have to travel to Fayetteville if you need to go to a Hospital or go to the movies. Peachtree City has a lot of shopping available and good local independent restaurants.

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    When i went to peachtree city it was like no other city I have seen before. And i have been to A LOT of cities.

    I had to do some promoting, and go door to door in most of the neighborhoods there. You know that movie pleasantville? It reminded me of that! They were almost "too" nice and it just seemed so fake! All the neighbors waved to each other as they drove by or walking by.

    It may not sound weird, but to me it just was. The other thing is that they have these golf cart paths, so everyone there not only has cars but they have their golf carts. I saw one woman go and get her kids from school and she had a really young baby in the back of it, it was just weird to me!

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