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In the new Zelda game on Nintendo Wii how do i do the sword trick??

I'm at the point where I just got the sword from collins dad and am teaching the kid sword tricks and it tells me to do the spin trick by lighting shaking the nunchuck from side to side and i just cant do it!! help?? ive tried..ha

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    Just slowly ans slightly tilt it from left to right and from right to left. Keep your wrist still while doing this.

    Source(s): Played the game TOO much! LOL
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hold the nunchuck in your hand, and spin it around really quicly like you're reeling in a fish on a fishing rod (hopefully you've fished before)

  • Rugue
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    1 decade ago

    shake it side 2 side fast later in the game u get super spin which is awesome

    Source(s): beat game be4 average time
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