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My husband is getting me this. What should I wear it with, or where?

I like the top, but I'm not sure what to wear it with or where. Any ideas?

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    For fancy restaurant, wear it with a black pencil skirt like others said. if for a night out clubbing, you can wear a pair of jeans, the darker the better, with a pair of red /silver/black high heels. Try avoid white pants, it might make the whole look too old.

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    Any nice restaurant and a night on the town. If you look good in it, where it grocery

    Wear it with a black skirt or dress pants and tall heels.

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    Wear the top with a swanky pant, or simply tell your husban to present you with a complete set.

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    with a black pencil skirt and nice black high heels. I like that top!

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