If you report an abuse on somebody what will happen???

I meant like on yahoo answers

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, abuse reports are handled automatically. If enough of them are reported on the same question or answer, it will trigger an automatic violation notice, removal of the question or answer, and deduction of points. Also, an email should be sent to the offender advising them of the situation.

    If a bad enough violation is reported, or enough of them within a certain time period, it can trigger suspension of the Yahoo Answers account or even removal of this account and ALL YAHOO ACCOUNTS associated with that email address, including the email account itself. There IS an appeal process, but . . .

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  • Cinna
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    1 decade ago

    It is my understanding that when an abuse is reported to Yahoo Answers they look at the question (or answer) and see if they think it breaks the Yahoo rules . If the rules are broken the question or answer will be removed and points will be deducted from the abusers account. They have the right to totally remove you from Yahoo Answers and even ban you from all of Yahoo .

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