Passions: Night Stalker confusion?

I'm confused. It's not Spike with Jessica. It's someone else. So it's not Spike, since they found the voicebox. Who can it be? Any guesses?

Plus, what do you think about Chad and Vincent, and Chad's behavior on being gay?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think that the peeping tom is from the dark side. I think tabitha said that. It's half woman half man. And it dissapears out of thin air. It's not human. It could be allistar from hell!

    Also Chad is gay. He's just denying it. If you can be that intimate with a man then you're are gay. Vincent is caniving because he talks to whitney like nothing happened. Vincent needs to stay with valarie and chad with whitney!

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    OK well I think that it could be Allister and Beth, we don't really know if they died. Or I was thinking maybe it could be Valerie and Vincent. I don't know this is just to irritating. Oh and I pretty much thought Chad was with a guy but he just seems to be getting worse with his attitude I am not a fan of his.

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    The voicebox said, "I could be a relative" to Theresa.

    Maybe its Alistiar.. except he said Ethan is all his. Who knows? He also said he loves Jessica.

    And Chad pisses me off with his infidelity and talking sh*t about Ray and Simone

    Source(s): And have you noticed how when Vincent leaves the mansion, suddenly the stalker appears... maybe its him. Also, he's gay so maybe he's the 1/2 woman person
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    Chad gay? I haven't watched for awhile, but I don't think it'll hold true. Come on, he got Whitney to leave a convent for him and their son just to go "hey, i'm gonna break us up again. I like men."

    If anybody's gay, it's Ethan. He can't make up his mind on women, so there's gotta be something else with him!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    u know if a guy is desparate on scoring and doesnt get one he will act the other way and try getting a way outta the frustatio.

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