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My Eyes, make-up?

I just put any make-up on the eyes, I do mine like this

Is that ugly? If you think so, can you suggest other make-up to make it look pretty and how to apply it.

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    i like the way you did your make up.. it looks cute and the pink really suits your eyecolor... now if you are looking for other colors you could wear as well... try a combination of greens... that will look really pretty as well.. browns will look good as well.. bronze/goldish colors will look great as well.. .the smokey eye effect with either a gray color or darkpurple will look great... purple really things brown eyes out so you could try that also.. good luck and nice way to do your make up!

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    You have beautiful brown eyes, but you can play it up a lot more. What you do is a great start, but I am going to suggest something a little more risky! Don't be afraid to play, you can definitely play up warm colors like crazy.

    Okay to start I am going to give you Eyeliner colors you should play with, ones that are suitable for brown eyes: (This is all according to Mary Kay's makeup artist, Robert Jones.) Sable (dark brown), Violet, Bronze, and Charcoal (black).

    I noticed you really only seem to be wearing the pink color with maybe a whitish blue eyeliner. I can't really tell. Anyway, instead of just one or two colors try 3 or 4. Try a shimmery pink or frosted white color as the highlighter. Highlighters go all over eye (not below), even up to eyebrow. MK colors are pink shimmer, crystalline, or even moonstone.

    Okay next in the crease I would choose a color we have called Double Espresso. It is a duet color, which means it can actually be 3 different colors. Each separately or combined creates the 3. Have is a very DARK BROWN and the other half is a DARK CRANBERRY. I would mix the two together, then put it in the crease of your eye (where your eye creases when you open them), go back and forth like a windshield wiper in the crease with your brush. (Other colors you could easily use in the crease: hazelnut, whipped cocoa, safari sunset, vintage gold, fig, cinnabar, currant craze)

    Okay then we move to the lid. You can really play with this one. You can either choose to pull a color out of your outfit and match to the color you put on your lid....but you don't have to match eye makeup to clothes. You really could use any of the above colors in parentheses on your lid, or go with a different shimmery color that is slightly darker if you are partial to the shimmery look.

    Okay...then slightly blend the 3 colors together by taking brush beginning at lash line and sweep to browbone across entire eye. You want to clearly see the different colors but not any lines that may exist.

    Next is the eyeline. Use a charcoal liner with this particular look. NEVER EVER only do the top or only the bottom. You should always do both top and bottom. Start from outside and work your way in. You want to take the eyeliner all the way until the lashes stop on the inside. Now, when I say both tops and bottoms, I don't mean the inside part of lid as that can cause an infection.

    Now you want to "smoke" your eyes. Take a gold color: vintage gold, or lucky penny and saturate eyeliner brush with it (an angled brush). Then run it over the top of the eyeliner on bottom liner only. Pull it down just a little as you go along. This will give it the "smoky" effect you hear people talk about.

    Last when you are doing eyes. Curl Lashes with eyelash curler and then apply Ultimate Black Mascara (Mary Kay) to both tops and bottoms. You want to apply mascara to top and bottom lashes always. This gives it a "Fan Like" effect. You will love it. Email me if you have other questions. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Mary Kay Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, Mary Kay's Makeup Artist
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    Its not a bad look but I would use less glitter if i were u. And try not to put too much under the eye. Maybe just line ur bottom lid with glitter using a flat eye-shadow brush. This will brighten ur eyes but wont look obvious. Also, i would try using a darker shade of eyeshadow on eye lids (maybe a smokey grey), and applying a very light layer of glitter eye-shadow over it to glam it up a bit. Then apply two layers of black mascara for the smokey look.

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    I suggest eyeliner and a brow highlighter. I'm not real big on color that goes all the way up with out any contouring colors or highlights. And no glitter under the eye.

    But wear what you like.

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    It is nice but try not to put all of those sparkles around your eyes. They could fall off and get into your eyes. Plus don't put eyeliner on the inside of your eyes. It can lead to an infection. But otherwise it is very pretty.

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    I think you applied it very well, but it is definitely a night time look.

    Glitter is never ok during the day

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    That is great for putting on the glam! But best make-up looks like it isn't there.

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    no thats not ugly at all...but if i were you id do a little bit darker eye shadow too with the would bring out your darker eye a little better.

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    I think it looks really nice. I love brown eyes. My daddy has brown eyes and they are just gorgeous. How do you apply it like that?

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    u shouldnt put that much glitter on unless ur going out not everyday tho

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