Spyware computer keystroke monitoring softeware?

How can I tell if this is on my computer?

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    AVG antispyware is free and should detect spyware easilly. A good way to tell if you have spyware is your internet conection will become slower from time to time, (sometimes from the first time you connect every day or a set day etc...)

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    I normally don't comment on other posts unless its a positive to your answer, but I ask you to research more before you even think of taking those seriously. Experience in removing key loggers and virus programs from both Linux and Mac and while using AVG has led me to think otherwise.

    The better programs out there such as Norton's Anti-Virus, YES you have to pay for it, and a few others will detect most of the key loggers that are software based. I don't think Norton's can detect all, but its a good start. Do a "Free"scan from Symantec's website and that will give you a start on detection.

    The other thing to think about is that some Keystroke monitors are hardware based. Software doesn't detect this so Norton's, mcAfee and any other is almost useless.

    For absolutely making sure for yourself, Fdisk your computer and start over if you think you have it. Check for hard ware especially where you plug in the keyboard to the back of your computer and the between the nic card and the RJ-45 Cable that goes to your cable or dsl modem.

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    Use anti-spyware software. You'll only get spyware and viruses if you're using Microsoft Windows. If you're using Mac OS X or Linux, then don't worry about it - you're safe.

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    Invisus Direct has a free scan that will tell you everything that is on your pc. I was using Norton and AVG, and when I ran this test it found over 70 hackers on my pc.

    Source(s): www.nomorehackers.net
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