Mac OS 9 on MacBook. Can anyone please help me out?

I work at a company were they use a program that can only run on OS 9. I bought a a MacBook recently and now they want to upgrade as well to the new Intel chipped Macs.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Although you could use Rainbow, it's probably a better idea to find a program that runs in OS X. Yes, it might be expensive and a huge PITA, but if it only runs in OS 9, that means it's really old and no longer in development, and it's running in an OS that's really old and no longer in development. That's bad news for a program that does something important for your company. Apple doesn't support OS 9 anymore, and it's quite likely that whoever made this other program doesn't support it anymore either. What if something goes wrong? Also, something that runs natively will run more efficently. It's a waste to get all that upgraded hardware and then run software that doesn't take advantage of any of it. In my opinion, the one-time PITA of migrating to a new program will likely outweight the constant PITA of running non-native software in an unsupported environment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rainbow would probably do the trick.

    Unfortunately you cannot run 'Classic Mode' for OS 9 on the Intel Macs like you could on the Power PC Macs.

  • 1 decade ago

    Macs use a program called "rainbow" which can run older mac files/programs, however it may be slightly longer to load up. This program will still work with a new mac or Os X

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