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I have a project to do. Its an ABC Civil Rights book. We have to find a civil rights evnts for every letter of the alphabet. We also can't tell about a person. For example, for for "M" we can't tell about the Martin Luther King Jr but for "S" we can tell about when he got shot. I need something for the letters D, G, L,O, P, and Q. Help please.

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    For O you could use 'On the bus' and speak to when Rosa Parks refused to give us her seat in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama.

    P - Poor People's March on Washington - 1968, planned by Martin Luther King, Jr and happened after his death

    D - Discrimination based upon race made illegal by the Civil Rights Act in 1964

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    Opera- Marian Anderson??? I don't know if that quite fits the topic.

    Louisiana- Huey Long

    or Lynch mobs

    Philadelphia, MS, where three civil rights workers were killed

    Lotsa luck with Q!!!

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    Q could be qualifications as in voter qualifications

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