weather in California in April?

Hi guys I've got a trip planned 2nd week of April to Sea World and Disneyland with my Boys. Does anyone know what the weather would be like then? Trying to make a list of things needed. Thanks

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    I live in southern California. The weather should be nice then, as long as it doesn't rain - probably around 75-80 degrees during the day and may cool off slightly at night. I had an outdoor wedding in April a couple of years ago, and the weather was perfect. People were swimming in the swimming pool at the resort where we had our wedding. You may want to throw in light jackets for the evening if you have a tendency to get cold easily, but in all likelihood, you probably won't need them.

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    If you want to monitor the exact temperatures daily of areas in California, you can make use of My Yahoo. I use Yahoo Messenger and through it I can monitor more than 20 cities in the world at my desktop.

    I had been to different places in California and temperatures vary. I had stayed in the cool San Francisco x 1 month, stayed in Concord x 1 month which is in the Contra Costa County. It is also within the bay area having the same temperatrue as San Francisco. I had stayed x 2 months in sunny San Diego to the hottest El Centro which is about an hour's drive from San Diego. When you have been in these places and you go to LA, you will find it too polluted, traffic! The fact that I just pass there once in a while makes me have a headache. Camarillo's weather is almost the same as San Francisco. It is in the Ventura County. Alisso Viejo and Irvine are just an hour's drive from LA but they are less polluted.

    I had visited the theme parks last week of March and early part of April. I remember being in Disneyland on March 27 last year. The parade didnt pushed through because it was raining. We just checked in across Disneyland and when we went home, we saw the fireworks at the 2nd floor of where we are staying and it has a nice view. We also went to Sea World and San Diego Zoo on March 29 and 30. It is sunny in San Diego but there is a part of San Diego Zoo which is too cold. When it rained in Disneyland, majority of the people bought raincoats. I also brought the raincoat in San Diego Zoo. When watching the shows, especially the Dolphins, dont get seated too close, you might get wet.

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    it relies upon upon what area of the state you'll visit. those are anticipated day time highs. alongside the coast, 70s to diminish 80s alongside the coast interior the south and 60 to 70s imperative coast and 60s north. interior the inland low elevation mid 70s to 80s south, 70s to round 80 imperative valley, and 70s north. Coastal mountain variety mid 60s to 70s. Sierra Nevada 70s to diminish 80s below 3000 ft elevation and higher 40s to mid 60s elsewhere. Northern mountains/Shasta Lake section higher 60s to 70s below 2000 ft and 50s to 60s elsewhere. another observe, it really is mostly a dry air mass (hardly ever humid in the course of the sunlight hours era outdoors of the on the spot sea coast.) so the sunlight hours temperature above about seventy 5 degrees would sense cooler the the marginally extra humid air on the East coast.

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    Weather should be pretty nice around that time unless it's raining. I'd say anywhere between 70-85 degrees. I don't think you'll need a lot of really warm clothes.

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    the weather should be nice. wear layers, bring your swimming suit

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